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Ginger Rogers * Clifton Webb in Hallucination Boat 1952 Insert Glamour

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Clifton Webb   *  Ginger Rogers   in " Dream Boat  "  20th Century-Fox 1952  -  14 x 36 insert is in very good condition!!!!....very minor wear around edges - has the usually 3 folds   52  302

Clifton Webb is "Dreamboat," in this 1954 film. Webb plays a silent film star named Bruce Blair who is now a college professor under what one assumes is his real name, Thornton Sayre. All is well until his silent films begin to appear hosted by his former co-star (Ginger Rogers) on that new popular medium, television.

Webb was an underrated actor who could do the acerbic queen beautifully, but one forgets he was also a gifted comedian and a moving dramatic actor - "The Man Who Never Was" and "Titanic" being two prime examples of his capabilities. He also was a trained opera singer, something the New York theater audiences, alas, only got to hear. In "Dreamboat," his silent film character is a cross between John Gilbert, Rudolph Valentino and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., and Webb does a terrific job overplaying the silent film acting.

Ginger Rogers is wonderful as the glamorous, conniving ex-costar, Gloria Marlowe, but I have to agree with one comment, that the two stars had little chemistry. The role was originally offered to Marlene Dietrich - she and Webb might have been quite funny together.

Anne Francis is the plain Jane daughter in an early role, and Jeffrey Hunter is the gorgeous Bill Ainslee in an early role for him, a man assigned by his agency boss (Sam Levitt) to escort Francis around town. They make a great couple; both appeared in the 1965 programmer 'Brainstorm' to excellent effect. By that time, their studio days were over; Hunter's film career had disintegrated, and Francis would do her most of her career in television. They both still looked fabulous, though.

Marlene Dietrich turned down the role that eventually went to Ginger Rogers.

The gold lamé dress worn by Ginger Rogers in one of the scenes was worn again by Marilyn Monroe in a short scene in 'Gentleman prefer blondes'. Marilyn visited Ginger on the set and instantly loved the dress.

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