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Don't go in the Woods....You might not come back.....Are you Intrigued by true Creepy Stories in the Woods ? Do you like stories that make the hairs on the back of your neck go up? Stories of Unexplained 'things' in the Woods, Creepy Encounters, Scary Stories that send a shiver down your spine ? In the the dark...alone....or at least; you thought you were alone... and that's when your heart starts pounding.… Creepy Encounters in the Woods, Horrifying true stories of people being stalked in the woods, by ‘something' undefined... Creepy camping stories that will make you never want to go camping again, True cabin in the woods stories, ....Unexplained Mysteries in the woods that defy explanation, Paranormal and Ghost stories, Cryptids, Bigfoot....or....something else. True Stories that make you check your doors are bolted. Alone in the Woods, the sound of branches snapping, the fleeting dark shadow that appears to be coming closer to you.... the dark lonely woods suddenly don't feel so empty…. Do you love Creepy stories?...In these True stories that's exactly what you'll get….There’s something in the woods…..And it’s coming for you…. Stephen (Steph) Young has appeared on national radio shows and podcasts including Coast to Coast AM, The Unexplained, Where did the road go?, Darkness Radio, and Midnight in the Desert... An independent Researcher addicted to researching all Paranormal, Supernatural, Esoteric & Enigmatic mysteries. Each book Young writes seems to lead to further questions and searches for answers as the mysteries inevitably deepen & develop into ever more complex riddles in the spectrum of the Unknown. She loves to write about, and hear about, Scary stories in the Woods...Creepy Real-life True Stories of Scary things in the Woods, Horrifying Encounters in the woods, Scary hiking stories, Spooky hunting stories, true ghost stories, tales of the paranormal and supernatural, true hauntings, true creepy stories from the outdoors, encounters with Bigfoot and other cryptids, true 'in the Forest' Stories, cryptic unexplained mysteries, missing persons and unexplained disappearances, conspiracies that go deep, unexplained phenomenon, haunted houses stories, stories of demonic possession, Creepy true stories from the woods of Ghosts Ghouls Unidentified creatures and more unknown entities, the creepiest things found in the woods, scary camping stories, even cabin in the woods stories.. Things can get weird when you're alone in the woods.....missing hikers, unexplained disappearances, park rangers share their stories, campers describe the strangest things that happened to them in the woods, hunters disappearing without a trace in national parks, national park visitors who vanish without trace, bigfoot sightings, governments secret projects and underground bases stranger things, demonic possession and demonic manifestation, the most baffling unexplained mysteries, the most famous missing persons cases and other cases few people know of, encounters with the unknown, time travel, secret societies, Stranger things, and so much more.... Creepy woods stories, creepiest things in the woods, creepy stories that will make you afraid to go to sleep, Steph Young writes as Stephen Young.
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Five Book Collection of the Bestselling Books. Five Book Series, 675 pages, featuring; Something in the Woods is Taking People, Hunted in the Woods, Predators in the Woods, Taken in the Woods, Mysterious things in the Woods. SOMETHING IN THE WOODS IS TAKING PEOPLE. Something unknown that we cannot define; something that others have had the misfortune to encounter. People snatched soundlessly, never to be seen again. Or returned; dead. A strange and highly unusual predator. Highly intelligent. Very successful. And able to overpower someone in an instant. This is a puzzle. An often deadly one. Here follows some very troubling and disturbing accounts. Something in the Woods is taking people.... Unexplained disappearances, missing people, and the things that have Taken them...missing in national parks, woods and forests. Mysterious vanishings... Terrifying True Accounts. Missing in national parks, forests, and woods. Missing people, taken, hunted, vanished.... unexplained mysteries missing and disappearing people.

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  • Trump Surrogate Katrina Pierson's Nine Most Notorious On-Air Moments

    10/17/16 ,via Dallas Observer

    Stephen Young. Trump Surrogate Katrina Pierson's Nine Most Notorious On-Air Moments. Monday, October 17, 2016 at 9:38 a.m.. By Stephen Young. Katrina Pierson. Media Highlights via Youtube. A A. Facebook. -. Twitter. -. More shares. recommend; reddit 

  • Man shot in both legs in Limestone County drive-by shooting

    11/11/16 ,via

    Limestone County Sheriff's Office Spokesman Stephen Young said Gilbert Nix, 26, was walking at 12:30 a.m. to a store that's not far from his home on Sugar Plum Lane. A white car with several occupants drove past the victim and shot him, Young said.


@Beez_says cunt. Training bra Will Young prick... him, not you. Just in case there was any doubt. 11/13/16, @stephen_hill_UK
@CHILT51 cheers stephen it was a young one whatever it is 11/13/16, @BillEldridge11
RT @GregBailey13: Stephen Anderson 1st career TD. Sharp young talent. #WeAreTexans 11/13/16, @TexansHermanos



  • Moral Capitalism

    Berrett-Koehler Publishers. 2003. ISBN: 9781609946050,1609946057. 240 pages.

    Shows how to ensure that capitalism promotes progress and equality rather than enriching the few at the expense of many Based on principles developed by the Caux Round Table, an international network of senior business executives from such companies as 3M, Canon, NEC, Bankers Trust, Shell, Prudential, and dozens of other companies Provides practical guidelines for corporate social responsibility through the Caux Round Table's Seven General Principles for Business The world is drifting without a clear plan for its economic development. Communism is dead, but in the wake of Enron and similar scandals, many see capitalism as amoral and too easily abused. A blueprint for progress is needed and Moral Capitalism provides one. Moral Capitalism is based on principles developed by the Caux Round Table, an extraordinary international network of top business executives who believe that business can-and must-weigh both profit and principle. Caux Round Table's global chair, Stephen Young, argues that the ethical standards inherent in capitalism have been compromised by cultural values inimical to capitalism's essentially egalitarian, rational spirit, and distorted by the short-sighted dog-eat-dog doctrines of social Darwinism into what he calls brute capitalism. He demonstrates how the Caux Round Table's Seven General Principles for Business can serve as a blueprint for a new moral capitalism, and explores in detail how, if guided by these principles, capitalism is really the only system with the potential to reduce global poverty and tyranny and address the needs and aspirations of individuals, societies, and nations.

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