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The Fall 2016 Anime Preview Guide has begun. Check back daily for fresh previews of every new show this season. Available Now: Girlish Number - Fall 2016 Short Anime - Magic of Stella - March comes in like a lion - Occultic. Season 3 - Drifters - Lostorage incited WIXOSS - ALL OUT. Source:

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  • Akiko YAJIMA

    06/27/05 ,via Anime News Network

    What's the true definition of "anime?" These internationally-produced animations may surprise you and challenge your own perception of the medium! ― Back in early 2014, I wrote a column about international co-productions with Japanese studios.

  • GKids Licenses Award-Winning "Miss Hokusai" Anime Movie

    07/07/16 ,via Crunchyroll News

    Variety is reporting that GKids, who has broughts Studio Ghibli movies including Princess Kaguya and When Marnie Was There to America, has acquired U.S. distribution rights to Production I. G. and Keiichi Hara's (director of Colorful and Summer Days


10AM WIB !! time to airing~ :D 1st song, wanna party with Shinchan? #np Akiko Yajima - Party, Join Us Daisakusen enjoy! 10/24/16, @JapaneseMusicID


  • Childbearing and Careers of Japanese Women Born in the 1960s

    Springer. 2015. ISBN: 9784431550662,4431550666. 126 pages.

    ​This book provides the keys to understanding the trajectory that Japanese society has followed toward its lowest-low fertility since the 1980s. The characteristics of the life course of women born in the 1960s, who were the first cohort to enter that trajectory, are explored by using both qualitative and quantitative data analyses. Among the many books explaining the decline in fertility, this book is unique in four ways. First, it describes in detail the reality of factors concerning the fertility decline in Japan. Second, the book uses both qualitative and quantitative methods to introduce the whole picture of how the low-fertility trend began in the 1980s and developed in the 1990s and thereafter. Third, the focus is on a specific birth cohort because their experiences determined the current patterns of family formation such as late marriage and postponed childbirth. Fourth, the book explores the knife-edge balance between work and family conditions, especially with regard to childbearing, in the context of Japanese management and gender norms. After examining the characteristics of demographic and socioeconomic circumstances of postwar Japan in detail, it can be seen that the change in family formation first occurred drastically in the 1960s cohort. Using both qualitative interview data cumulatively from 150 people and quantitative estimates with official statistics, this book shows how individual-level choices to balance work and family obligations resulted in a national-level fertility decline. Another focus of this book is the increasing unintended infertility due to postponed pregnancy, a phenomenon that is attracting great social attention because the average age of pregnancy is approaching the biological limit. This book is a valuable resource for researchers who are interested in the rapid fertility decline as well as the work–life balance and the life course of women in Japanese employment practice and family traditions.


Akiko Yajima 矢島 晶子 (Crayon Shin chan) - YouTube

She is the Japanese voice actress that gives voice to the naughty Shinnosuke Nohara. ella es la actriz de doblaje japonesa que da voz al travieso Shin chan

Voice Actor 30 Akiko Yajima ヴォイスアクター30 矢島晶子 - YouTube

伊集院光「深夜の馬鹿力」:映画クレヨンしんちゃん ガチンコ!逆襲のロボとーちゃん - Duration: 12:46. 伊集院光の ...

矢島 晶子|AIR AGENCY 声優プロダクション

矢島 晶子 (Akiko Yajima) 誕生日: 5月4日. 出身地:新潟県. 身長:153cm. 血液型:B型. 趣味:部屋の模様替え・一人旅 Clannad: After Story Complete Collection ... Clannad: After Story Complete Collection (Limited Edition) [Blu-ray]: Tatsuya Ishihara, Mai Nakahara, Yuichi Nakamura, Ai Nonaka, Akemi Kanda, Akiko ...