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Catcher in the Wry
Catcher in the Wry

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A former major league baseball player recounts anecdotes of his years behind the plate and on the road, recalling the antics of his famous teammates, including Hank Aaron, Bob Gibson, Richie Allen, and Warren Spahn

A Ticket to the Show

"I must be in the front row. " -- Bob Uecker. We’d all love to have front row seats for the show, but those are reserved for the patrons that have jewelry to rattle. After all, there are only so many front row seats, and behind them, there are only so many box seats. The rest of us have to find a way to be content in the bleachers, seated beside boorish drunks and twitching toddlers, high on cotton candy. Nobody likes to be in the nosebleed section, but it sure as hell beats never making it to the show or being priced out, relegated to standing outside, listening through the locked exit doors. We fill our pockets with snacks from 7/Eleven and eat ahead of time, to avoid the pricey confections at the arena. To be honest, front row seats are a little too up close and personal for my tastes. I once spent two hours and thirty minutes, staring up into Al Pacino’s nostrils, which is about two hours and thirty minutes too long. When I was younger, and an avid movie-goer, I would count the theaters’ seats and do my best to sit in the very middle. In my mind the film was designed to be best enjoyed from the center, in the middle of the stereo system. There are still the second run movie theaters, where those that cannot afford the eleven dollars at the glittery first run chain theaters can pay discount prices. We have our own forms of entertainment in the cheap seats. There’s the guy that acrobatically throws peanuts to customers, while simultaneously putting his daughter through college. We all think he’s a little eccentric, but we love him and we wouldn’t want to see him come to any harm. We don’t want him thrown out of the show, just because he may have forgotten to take his anti-psychotic medication. You can’t even watch the World Series when you’re taken away. “I’m talking about the World Series, Nurse Ratched. “It’s an illusion. Yes, life is an illusion. Nobody really wants to get sawed in half, or have swords thrust through your midsection, while you sit, cramped in a decorative box. We want it to be magic. Real life is painful, and often leaves a mark. As soon as your ticket is taken and your umbilical cord is cut, you have to get the show on the road. “Nobody said it was going to be fun. At least, nobody said it to me. ” – Don Galloway in “The Big Chill”. There are only so many sociopaths, troubled introverts and con-men and they operate at a loss. Source: Destined for Banality

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  • Cleveland Indians, 'Major League' Come to World Series

    10/20/16 ,via Memphis Daily News

    They are broadcaster Bob Uecker (employed by the Milwaukee Brewers in real life) as the drunken Harry Doyle intoning, “Just a little bit outside” when Charlie Sheen character Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn throws another errant pitch. The fictional manager

  • Baseball will never have another Vin Scully

    09/29/16 ,via Washington Post

    So in Milwaukee, games were a jolly string of yuks courtesy of Bob Uecker, and in New York, oddly, some of the sport's best Southern storytellers, Mel Allen and Red Barber, built the Yankees' mystique. In Detroit and Chicago, Ernie Harwell and Harry


@Indians OK, MLB has said Vaughn will not throw out a first pitch. How about putting Bob Uecker in the booth during the game ? 10/21/16, @HudOhioLeck
#Collectibles #Buzz #MLB Milwaukee #Brewers #Baseball BOB UECKER TALKING ALARM CLOCK/Fan…… 10/21/16, @MKEBrewersBuzz
#MLB #Baseball MLB Milwaukee #Brewers Baseball BOB UECKER TALKING ALARM CLOCK/Fan Giveaway/NEW… 10/21/16, @MKEBrewersBuzz


  • Bob's White Chili

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