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Shinobi: The Law of Shinobi by ADV Films
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In the world of the Ninja, fighting skills play a small role in one's rank in the Shinobi order. Kageru is the best in his class, but his birth predestines him to the lower class. Aoi is dealt the same fate; together they'll have to question themselves

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  • Samurai get put at the end of one's tether with paces

    06/11/09 ,via The Japan Times

    Centre of the busiest of these specialists in Japan is Kenji Tanigaki who, in his late 30s, has the muscular build, springy step and lithe moves of an Olympic gymnast, but with the contribute, encouraging manner and quick, crinkly smile of a popular sports-club

  • Rurouni Kenshin: The Bats of an Action Scene

    08/08/16 ,via The Young Folks

    Achieving more “showing” than “powerful” on screen was a top priority for director Keishi Ohtomo (Ryômaden) and action director Kenji Tanigaki (Kill Zone: SPL, Whizz Point). The historical lore within Kenshin features distinguished fighters in a


Kenji Tanigaki also coordinated the stunts for Shoot 2 & Dragon. Rurouni Kenshin 3: The Legend Ends, 2014, Ōtomo… 06/05/17, @KinoKaiju


  • Recorded Dictionary of Hong Kong Cinema

    Scarecrow Press. 2007. ISBN: 9780810864580,0810864584. 640 pages.

    Teeth of the industry being shutdown by two world wars, having its martial arts films dismissively labeled as 'chopsocky,' and operating on shoestring budgets, the films of Hong Kong have been praised and imitated all over the wonderful. From its beginning in 1909 with the silent short Stealing the Roast Duck to the martial arts classic Enter the Dragon (1973) to Peter Chan's Perhaps Dearest (2005), a reinvention of Chinese musicals via Hollywood, the vast cinema of Hong Kong has continually reinvented itself. Stars such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li have behoove household names, and actors like Andy Lau, Maggie Cheung, Stephen Chiau, Michelle Yeoh, and Chow Yun-fat continue to get further fame throughout the world. And the impact of directors like Ang Lee, Tsui Hark, Wong Kar-wai, and John Woo can be seen nearly everywhere in Hollywood. The Historical Dictionary of Hong Kong Cinema provides imperative facts and descriptive evaluation concerning Hong Kong filmmaking and its filmmaking community. This is accomplished through the use of a chronology, a list of acronyms and abbreviations, an basic essay, illustrations of individuals and film stills, a bibliography, and hundreds of cross-referenced dictionary entries on directors, producers, writers, actors, films, overlay companies, genres, and terminology. Having perused this, readers will not only know considerably more about a rather amazing place, they will have an almost palpable sense of touch for how it works.


Donnie Yen Training - YouTube

Put one's John Hancock on up for YouTube Red by July 4th for uninterrupted music and videos all summer.

Kenji Tanigaki Fan Leaf

谷垣健治さんへのお仕事の依頼は、こちらの宛先まで。 「アクション映画バカ一代」 絶賛発売中!! 「燃えよ!!



Donnie Yen - Kung Fu Fighters - YouTube

Mr Donnie Yen in the brave arts Documentary Kung Fu Fighters from Discovery Channel