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Fingerboard Mastery, Libretto One (USC/Thornton School of Music Guitar Instructional)


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Fingerboard Mastery, Libretto One (USC/Thornton School of Music Guitar Instructional) by Brand: Mel Bay Publications, Inc
Product Description
This in-depth scale and arpeggio text is core curriculum at the University of Southern Californiafs Studio Guitar Department, which is part of the prestigious Flora L. Thornton School of Music, located in Los Angeles, California. Using a comprehensive approach that includes three different organizational systems, it covers the technical foundation that is necessary for playing any style of music. The CAGED system (five positions), the Finger Stretch system (all twelve keys in one position) and the Three-Note Per String system (seven patterns) are examined. Although each of these three systems is examined, the CAGED system serves as the basis for much of the material covered in this book. Instead of traditional musical notation, the book uses fingerboard diagrams to focus on the visual aspect of the patterns. The goal is to present an approach to understanding and mastering the fingerboard by outlining the best and most practical elements of these different systems. Book One presents patterns for the major scale and its relative modes, the major pentatonic scale, the minor pentatonic scale, and the blues scale. Along with these scale forms, patterns for arpeggios that are for the most part diatonic to (in the key of) the major scale are presented. These include major, minor, diminished and augmented triads, and also major 7, dominant 7, minor 7, minor 7(ó5) , and diminished 7 chords.
Product Description
Wireless networking has become standard in many business and government networks. This book is the first book that focuses on the methods used by professionals to perform WarDriving and wireless pentration testing.

Unlike other wireless networking and security books that have been published in recent years, this book is geared primarily to those individuals that are tasked with performing penetration testing on wireless networks. This book continues in the successful vein of books for penetration testers such as Google Hacking for Penetration Testers and Penetration Tester’s Open Source Toolkit. Additionally, the methods discussed will prove invaluable for network administrators tasked with securing wireless networks. By understanding the methods used by penetration testers and attackers in general, these administrators can better define the strategies needed to secure their networks.

* According to a study by the Strategis Group more than one third of the words population will own a wireless device by the end of 2008.

* The authors have performed hundreds of wireless penetration tests, modeling their attack methods after those used by real world attackers.

* Unlike other wireless books, this is geared specifically for those individuals that perform security assessments and penetration tests on wireless networks.

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  • Kismet Hacking

    Syngress. 2008. ISBN: 0080558704,9780080558707. 272 pages.

    Kismet is the energy standard for examining wireless network traffic, and is used by over 250,000 security professionals, wireless networking enthusiasts, and WarDriving hobbyists. Unlike other wireless networking books that have been published in modern years that geared towards Windows users, Kismet Hacking is geared to those individuals that use the Linux operating system. People who use Linux and wish to use wireless tools need to use Kismet. Now with the introduction of Kismet NewCore, they have a book that will answer all their questions about using this great tool. This book continues in the pre-eminent vein of books for wireless users such as WarDriving: Drive, Detect Defend. *Wardrive Running Kismet from the BackTrack Live CD *Develop intensify and Integrate Drones with your Kismet Server *Map Your Data with GPSMap, KisMap, WiGLE and GpsDrive


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Thornton statement of meaning, William, 1759–1828, U.S. architect, born in the British Virgin Islands. See more.

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