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Shades of night Thoughts by HAYMARKET
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Although he is guided and inspired by the people he respects, and despite the insufficiency of his knowledge and experience—an insufficiency shared by most (or all) other humans, Wallace Shawn can’t see any real alternative to trying to figure out his own answers to the most essential questions about the world he lives in.

Having recently passed the age of seventy, before which he found it difficult to piece together more than a few fragments of understanding, Shawn would like to pass on anything he's learned before death or dementia close down the brief window available to him, but he may not be ready yet.

Evening at the Talk Gratis (TCG Edition)


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Evening at the Talk Gratis (TCG Edition) by Ingramcontent
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"Wallace Shawn is up to his old tricks again: pricking the conscience of right-on, left-leaning theatergoers. No one does that better than this impish, idiosyncratic polymath, who, at seventy-two, still comes across as precocious—probably because we resent him flagging our complacent complicity in all the world's ills."—Variety

"The play stops, but has no ending. It is for us to try to answer its bleak questions, to see what it might mean to be undeluded."—The Guardian

Gathering around a table at the Talk House, an old haunt, a group of friends and theatre artists reunite after ten years to reminisce and catch-up on each other's lives. At first, the conversation is fairly run-of-the-mill: current TV shows and where their careers have taken them. Eventually, the discussion's tone takes a turn when they mention supplementing their incomes through the government-led program to enlist unemployed artists for drone strikes and carrying out violent attacks on foreign land. As is typical of Shawn's plays, the premise at once amuses and unsettles, forcing the viewer to wonder whether being too idle makes all of us complicit in the world's ongoing destruction.

Wallace Shawn is a noted actor and writer. His often politically-charged and controversial plays include The Fever, Aunt Dan and Lemon, Marie and Bruce, and The Designated Mourner. With Andre´ Gregory, he co-wrote My Dinner with Andre´, in which he also starred. He adapted the classic Ibsen play A Master Builder for film.


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  • Essays

    Haymarket Books. 2017. ISBN: 9781608460021,1608460029. 161 pages.

    Collects the designer's essays on a number of topics, including world politics, theater, sex, and the writing process.


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Shawn at Pen America / At liberty Expression Literature on May 5, 2014. Born: Wallace Michael Shawn (1943-11-12) November 12, 1943 (age 73) New York City, New ...

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Wallace Shawn, Actor: Toy Testimony. American character actor and writer Wallace Shawn has one of those fun, mischievously homely faces just made to entertain. Though he ... Wallace Shawn: Books, Biography, Blog ...

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Wallace Shawn (born 12 November 1943; age 73) is the American actor and scriptwriter who played Zek, the Grand Nagus of the Ferengi Alliance, on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.