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In Hollie McKay’s op-ed titled “Does Hollywood try to have it both ways regarding torture,” she provides different opinions from various Hollywood stars and people who work in the industry about Hollywood’s unwritten obligation to present torture... James Williamson who is a retired U. S. Special Forces colonel and co-founder of OPSEC says, “If torture scenes make money for the film industry, it is good. ” Williamson’s argument lies in the fact that creators glorify torture in the reel world because this fantasized and unrealistic version of torture rakes in money and appeals to the public’s opinion of torture. The use of torture in the entertainment world tends to glorify torture in the real world, which is why some people are accustomed to the idea of torture. In response to her question about the reel world contradicting the real world, McKay poses the question: does the industry have a responsibility at least to portray its torture scenes without embellishments or historical rewrites. An actor and security expert Tony Schiena responds saying, “They have a responsibility in telling stories using facts. Making a fictional story using torture measures makes them complicit. ” However, I don’t see how the fictional part of movies retracts from the movie’s intention to tell a story and make a certain point about torture–or anything in that matter. They may not be real life, but they’ll show you what life really means…moving pictures shape who we are. ” Movies do have intentions to tell a story to convey a perspective on life. If a movie’s intention is to prove torture a bad omen and a bad idea to obtain information, the movie will try to do that in any way possible, so it doesn’t matter if the portrayal is fictional or real. Source: brittany studies war

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  • Meet Tony Schiena, the world's most highly trained covert operative

    04/05/16 ,via

    Amid them all I am stationary, waiting to meet Tony Schiena, a man routinely described as “the world's most highly trained covert operative.” It's a lofty epithet, yet as if to prove the claim with an immediate demonstration, I can't seem to find him

  • Former karate world champion Tony Schiena on dedication and control

    04/08/16 ,via Sport360°

    These days the South African directs action movies, making use of all his skills as karate expert and experience as a real-life spy. “At the risk of sounding cliché it was a way of life,” Schiena told Sport360. “The ultimate aim of the art of karate


@FourFourTwoOz your kidding he was the reason England scored twice 05/31/16, @Tony_schiena



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  • Five top tips from self-defense experts

    05/23/16 ,via Reading Eagle

    Think of banging on a door, Zeisler said. Hitting the most vulnerable part of the attacker quickly - and with as much power - as possible is Tony Schiena's top tip. Schiena provides counterterrorism training and defensive tactics through Multi Operational ...

  • The Number One Girl

    05/07/16 ,via New York Times

    Joey Scalini (Tony SCHIENA) is one of Hollywood's biggest action stars and the undefeated full-contact martial arts world champion. When his life-long friend and London mob godfather Dragos Molnar (Vinnie JONES) invites him to serve as a celebrity j

  • ISIS TERROR WARNING: Jihadists 'plotting to KILL British commuters in NERVE GAS attack'

    04/12/16 ,via The Daily Express

    Last night security expert Tony Schiena said a sickening attack on London's Tube network using nerve gas Sarin is not "out of the question". The deadly poison killed 13 people and seriously injured 50 more after a 1995 attack on Tokyo's subway by the Aum ...


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Multi Operational Security Agency Intelligence Company: MOSAIC is a private intelligence military company with offices in NYC, London and Dubai.

Tony Schiena - IMDb

Tony Schiena got his start in the film business with the role of Leonardo in William Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, starring Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons.

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Tony Schiena is a South African spy turned mercenary. He is the CEO of MOSAIC, that operates in hostile environments. Tony Schiena was featured in the Vice ...

Tony Schiena - Biography - IMDb

Tony Schiena got his start in the film business with the role of Leonardo in William Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, starring Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons.

Tony Schiena - Email, Phone Numbers, Public Records & Criminal ...

Tony Schiena - Email, Phone Numbers, Public Records & Criminal ...

Tony Schiena

Tony Schiena

Tony Schiena in Circle of Pain

Tony Schiena in Circle of Pain

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