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Zymöl Strik - 8.5 oz
Zymöl Strik - 8.5 oz by Zymol

  • Mix to your desired strength. Technical support:
  • Zymöl Strik Contains Lemon Rind Oil, Grapefruit Rind Oil, Citric...
  • Naturally Derived Product that is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed !

Product Description
Cosmoline is the protectant for new cars during shipment, sprayed on most engine and undercarriage finishes to provide a barrier against exposure during ocean shipping. Zymöl Strik is a non-caustic, acid-free, chlorine-free citric oil-based cleaner designed to remove Cosmoline, oil and grease from all surfaces safely.
Product Description
Strik is a clever troll who is beginning his first day at a new school. He is excited for his first lessons that will teach him how to be a good troll. But in between lessons on nose picking and animal training, Strik realizes that a bully in class can ruin everyone’s fun. How will Strik help his new friends? Will his outrageous plan work?

Join Strik on this hilarious and heart-warming adventure as he learns how to overcome bullying while finding the value of friendship and helping others.

Strik Goes to Troll School is an easy-to-read book with 13 short chapters. It's great for young readers (7-10) who are looking for easy books to read by themselves, or as a book to read together.

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