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  • Foyle's War

    01/18/15 ,via Radio Times

    An episode that starts and ends with nasty shocks and in between has the usual well-oiled, limousine engine of a plot: writer Anthony Horowitz at the top of his game, in other words. He – like his hero – has made the shady, sordid world of the security

  • Programmi tv 12 marzo 2016 in prima serata su dgtv, Sky e Mediaset Premium

    03/13/16 ,via Notizie Free

    Paramount Channel 21:10 Film Azione Nuclear target Regia: Marcus Adams Cast: Wesley Snipes, Emma Samms, William Hope, Anthony Warren, Peter Youngblood Hills, Ryan McCluskey, Warren Derosa, Dan Badarau, Serge Soric. Tv8 21:10 Film Horror 


  • Ray Winstone

    John Blake Publishing. 2011. ISBN: 9781843582328,1843582325. 330 pages.

    There's so much more to Ray's on-screen tough-guy image, and his path to the top has been anything but plain sailing. He was every inch the rebel in his youth and was even a London schoolboy boxing champion; but he always had an affinity for acting. Deciding to pursue his dream through drama school, he soon found himself an outsider and was expelled. But he managed to blag his way into an audition for what would prove to be his big break -- his cocky, aggressive boxer's gait making him perfect for the lead in Alan Clarke's Scum. Going on to both small -- and big-screen success, as well as in the theatre, Ray really cemented his place in the pantheon of British acting greats with his breathtaking performance in Nil By Mouth, which earned him a BAFTA nomination. His subsequent roles in the likes of Sexy Beast, The War Zone and Last Orders, won him plaudits and continued his tradition of portraying tough, uncompromising men. But every tough guy has a heart, and Ray has tempered these roles with those in more light-hearted, romantic comedies such as Fanny and Elvis and There's Only One Jimmy Grimble. With roles in Indiana Jones 4, Beowulf (with Angelina Jolie) and London Boulevard, and with such great British telefilms as Henry VIII, Sweeny Todd and Vincent under his belt, Ray Winstone continues to go from strength to strength. From the humble East End to the glitz of the BAFTAs, Ray Winstone is now regarded as one of the foremost actors of his generation and the ultimate screen hard man. In this insightful biography, we see the man behind the tough, unflinching on-screen exterior.


Polak potrzebny od zaraz – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

Polak potrzebny od zaraz (tytuł oryginalny It's a Free World...) – film fabularny (dramat) z 2007 w reżyserii Kena Loacha. Fabuła. Główną bohaterką jest ...

7 sekund (2005) - Filmweb

7 sekund (2005) - W tym błyskotliwym thrillerze kryminalnym, gwiazda kina akcji Wesley Snipes wciela się w postać zawodowego złodzieja, którego brawurowa akcja ...

Verso (revue) — Wikipédia

La revue littéraire francophone Verso a été fondée en 1977 par Claude Seyve et Alain Wexler, à Lucenay, Rhône. Elle présente une longévité inhabituelle [réf.

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