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Blu-Ray pressing including DVD. In 1964 director Henri-Georges Clouzot (Diabolique The Raven The Wages of Fear The Picasso Mystery) chose Romy Schneider age 26 and Serge Reggiani 42 to star in L'enfer (Inferno) an enigmatic and original project with an unlimited budget. Reggiani was to play Marcel Prieur the manager of a modest hotel in provincial France who becomes possessed by the demons of jealousy. Intended to be a cinematic event upon its release three weeks after shooting began on Inferno things took a turn for the worse. The project was stopped and the images which were said to be incredible would remain unseen... Until now. One of the great unfinished works in film history Inferno by Henri-Georges Clouzot was an audaciously experimental film with a virtually unlimited budget that was stopped only three weeks into production. Working closely with Clouzot's widow In�s Serge Bromberg and Ruxandra Medrea reconstructs Clouzot's original vision filling and
Affection at the Top


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A shy, unambitious man decides to change his ways and begins a relationship with three beautiful women. Stars classic french actor Jean Louis Trintignant (A Man and A Woman, The Conformist, Z)

405 Introducing: Shay Lia on Romy Schneider, Santa and new music - The 405

Shay Lia recently shared the Kaytranada and BADBADNOTGOOD-produced on 'Blue', which we fell in love with on first listen. But rather than opting for just a simple news piece - which we did, before you ask - we decided it would be considerable to subject her to this complex Q&A. We discovered -- among other things -- that she would like Romy Schneider to play her in a movie... Skim on to find out more. When was the last time you tried something new. Last month, I went out on the streets with her and gave out flyers to workers them raise awareness. As far as I can remember, it's the first time I actually promoted something in public and it felt quite satisfying. If a movie was made about your life, what actor/actress would play you and what would the film be called. It would be Romy Schneider, or at least her east African change ego. Truth be told, I watch a lot of old movies but always forget their names somehow. But I think the film would be called "Danielle". It's my third pre-eminence and, I don't know, I feel it just suits well with Romy as the main actress. What is the worst thing your parents caught you doing as a kid. I know my parents are accepted to read this so I'm not sure I want to snitch on myself. One thing that might have stuck with me is during Christmas, we were playing hide and seek with my siblings and I ended up hiding where my parents hid all the gifts. I'll always bear in mind the look we gave each other, the long moment of silence. I'm mostly inspired by the Arts in all shapes and forms whether new or old, my emotions and also ongoing events. My emotions help me write new tunes, I usually try to channel those when I'm in a session. Current events give me a wider vantage point on the world we live in and it also makes me think about the subjects I want to sing about. What did you dream about last night. Not that I want to have one or anything, I'm just truly into little human beings these days. Whenever I see one, I have to hold them. Lastly, what are you currently working on. Right now, I'm mostly focused on my music and working grim on my first project. *** You can find Shay Lia over at SoundCloud. Source:

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  • Earnest of Romy Schneider desecrated. Why was the star buried in Boissy-sans-Avoir 35 years ago?

    05/01/17 ,via The Quebec Telegram

    Romy Schneider was born in Germany, in Vienna, Austria, in 1938, and chained films from the age of fifteen for everyone the world, especially the United States, her heart has always been turned towards France. It is also in the Yvelines that it rests since

  • 405 Introducing: Shay Lia on Romy Schneider, Santa and new music

    04/13/17 ,via The 405

    Shay Lia recently shared the Kaytranada and BADBADNOTGOOD-produced run to earth 'Blue', which we fell in love with on first listen. But rather than opting for just a 


See Orson Welles' THE Trial run, starring Tony Perkins & Romy Schneider, @SidGrauman Egyptian tomorrow night!… 05/03/17, @RialtoPictures
Romy Schneider’s clothes tests for "L'Enfer". 05/03/17, @Julieta451
Romy Schneider’s vestment tests for "L'Enfer". 05/03/17, @Julieta451


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  • Romy Schneider White

    2010. ISBN: 1905764162,9781905764167. 141 pages.

    Purposeful to tread her own path, Austrian film sensation, Romy Schneider was talented, honest, prickly, loving and ultimately tragic. The star of over sixty movies including the cult, What's New Pussycat? Bloodline, The Assassination of Trotsky, The Special and The Victors, at the height of her fame she ranked alongside Bardot, Loren and Cardinale. Reviled by the German Press when she fell in love with Alain Delon and moved to Paris and took French citizenship, she was sought out by the fantastic's top producers and directors. Incredibly beautiful, after a brief flirtation with Hollywood, she chose to return to Europe where her talent shone brightly until her untimely termination in 1982, aged just forty three. Romy has recently become a magnate for film makers and is currently the subject of two rival biopics. One is to be a big small screen feature film and the other a high profile TV production. Jessica Schwarz of Perfume fame, is slated to play the lead role in Torsten Fischer's Romy. It is to be produced by Berlin based Phoenix-Covering and has been written by Benedikt Roeskau. Shooting for the TV premier starts in Autumn 2009. Singer-actress Yvonne Catterfeld will play Schneider in Warner Bros' A Strife Like Romy, directed by Josef Rusnal. Raymond Danon, who produced Romy's last film in 1982, The Passerby, will produce the $36 million French-German co-direction. It will launch in 2010.


Romy Schneider — Wikipédia

Romy Schneider, née Rosemarie Magdalena Albach le 23 septembre 1938 à Vienne et morte le 29 mai 1982 à Paris, est une actrice allemande naturalisée française.

Romy Schneider - Wikipedia

Romy Schneider's foremost film, made when she was 15, was Wenn der weiße Flieder wieder blüht (When the White Lilacs Bloom Again) in 1953, credited as Romy Schneider ...

Romy Schneider - IMDb

Romy Schneider, Actress: Sissi. Romy Schneider was born on 23 September 1938 in Vienna, Austria into a people of actors. Making her film debut at the age of 15, her ...

Biografia de Romy Schneider - Biografias y Vidas .com

Romy Schneider, ángel sin alas [Por Analia De Masi, autora de la sección Semblanzas de actores] Romy Schneider nació un 23 de septiembre de 1938 en la ciudad de ...