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When a solar eclipse sends a colossal blast of super chilled air towards the earth, it then sets off a catastrophic chain of events that threatens to engulf the world in ice and begin a new Ice Age.

MMWA Special Comment

Now, as promised, a special comment about Saturday's Mid-Missouri Wrestling Alliance show at the South Broadway Athletic Club in St. Louis, Missouri. Deal with it. I was fortunate to get out of work with time to spare in order to make it to South Broadway on Saturday evening. Your ring announcer was Ben Simon. your referees were Jay King and Nick Ridenour. Brandon Espinosa vs. "The" Ace Hawkins for the MWR Missouri Title: This was unusual match positioning, especially since anyone would have had trouble following these guys going full blast in a lengthy opening bout. it was odd to see Espinosa as the fan favorite, as Ace had turned on him at the October show. It's become a tradition in Espinosa matches that he and his opponent trade WWE finishers and counters. Hawkins went for a flying DDT, but Espy pushed him off into the referee. that led to Ace leaving the ring to get the title belt. They had a tug-of-war over the championship, but Espy noticed that the referee was recovering. so he released the belt and fell to the mat. #yayeddyguerrero As a result, Espinosa won by DQ in 24:16(. ) to retain his title. I had joked that the title COULDN'T change hands because Brian Kelley wasn't there. Super Electro vs. B. T. Daramola(w/ Da'Marius Jones): This went to the other end of the spectrum as it was over quickly. faked a knee injury and Jones slid into the ring to hit the Paydirt on Electro as the official was checking on B. T. B. T. rose to his feet to show that his knee was just fine, thank you very much, and he got the easy pin in 1:50. Moondog Rover... hey, the fans were into the action and that's what counts. Moondog dropped Jimmy D with his trademark World's Strongest Slam, then added a bit of extra pain by clocking D with his ever-present bone. that ended things at 9:19. T. V. Champion "The Millenial" Danny Adams vs. Jr. ^H^H^HBeiberweight Champion "Risky Business" Everett Connors, non-title: Connors returned to the MMWA in August and regained the Jr. Heavyweight Title from Brandon... Adams would regain the belt from James in October, leading to this champion-vs. -champion grudge match. Source: Non-Profit Journalism v2.0

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  • How Tasmania became the gothic muse of Australian film and TV

    11/24/16 ,via The Guardian

    An Australian-Canadian co-production, Arctic Blast is a B-grade disaster flick that centres around an American protagonist (played by Michael Shanks of Stargate fame). While the production employed many locals, the narrative treated Hobart as basically

  • So much to be thankful for

    11/16/16 ,via Richmond Register

    Happy birthday wishes go out next week to Donald Wayne Short and Dan Barber, Monday; Lyndsey Anne Perkins, Dana Portwood and Michael Shanks, Tuesday; Lydia Dargavell, Wednesday; Rose Harmon, Friday; and Connie Howe and Tammy Curtis, 



  • The Archaeological Imagination

    Routledge. 2016. ISBN: 9781315419152,1315419157. 167 pages.

    Archaeology is a way of acting and thinking—about what is left of the past, about the temporality of what remains, about material and temporal processes to which people and their goods are subject, about the processes of order and entropy, of making, consuming and discarding at the heart of human experience. These elements, and the practices that archaeologists follow to uncover them, is the essence of the archaeological imagination. In this extended essay, renowned archaeological theorist Michael Shanks offers his colleagues and students a window on this imaginative world of past and present and the creative role archaeology can play in uncovering it, analyzing it, and interpreting it.


Michael Shanks - IMDb

Michael Shanks, Actor: Stargate SG-1. Michael Shanks was born on December 15, 1970 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada as Michael Garrett Shanks. He is an actor ...

Michael Shanks - Wikipedia

Shanks at the Creation Official Stargate Convention, 2007. Born: Michael Garrett Shanks (1970-12-15) December 15, 1970 (age 45) Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Michael Shanks — Wikipédia

Michael Shanks en 2011 Données clés Nom de naissance Michael Garrett Shanks Naissance 15 décembre 1970 (45 ans) Vancouver Nationalité Canadienne Profession Acteur ...

Michael Shanks - Wikipedia

Michael Garrett Shanks (Vancouver, 15 dicembre 1970) è un attore canadese. È famoso per la partecipazione alla serie televisiva Stargate SG-1