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A Flight of fancy of Passion: The Development of the Method


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A Flight of fancy of Passion: The Development of the Method by Plume Books
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“The definitive source book on acting.”—Los Angeles Times
Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Paul Newman, Dustin Hoffman, Dennis Hopper, Robert DeNiro, Marilyn Monroe, and Joanne Woodward—these are only a few of the many actors training in “Method” acting by the great and legendary Lee Strasberg. This revolutionary theory of acting—developed by Stanislavski and continued by Strasberg—has been a major influence on the art of acting in our time. During his last decade, Strasberg devoted himself to a work that would explain once and for all what The Method was and how it worked, as well as telling the story of its development and of the people involved with it. The result is a masterpiece of wisdom and guidance for anyone involved with the theater in any way.
“A must for young actors—for old ones, too, for that matter.”—Paul Newman
“An exploration of the creative process that will reward all who are interested in the nature of inspiration.”—Library Journal
“An important cultural document.”—Booklist
The Lee Strasberg Notes


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The Lee Strasberg Notes by Routledge
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The Lee Strasberg Notes reproduces the original teachings of a unique voice in actor training, for the very first time. It is a stunning document in the history and ongoing practice of Strasberg’s Method.

Compiled and edited by Lola Cohen, the book is based on unpublished transcripts of Strasberg’s own classes on acting, directing and Shakespeare. It recreates his theoretical approach, as well as the practical exercises used by his students, and brilliantly conveys his approach and personality.

The book features Strasberg’s teachings on:

• Training and exercises

• Characters and scenes

• Directing and the Method

• Shakespeare and Stanislavski

• The theater, acting and actors.

Including a Preface by Anna Strasberg and a Foreword by Martin Sheen, this illuminating book brings the reader closer to Strasberg’s own methods than any other, making it a phenomenal resource for students, actors, and directors.

Herbert Wolff Reviews Barrington Devise's Production of "Company" - WAMC

Yes…a few of us ventured to New York Town in our mid-30s to seek careers, friendships, and come what may on our road to age 40. Never mind how we survived three or so decades of back-woods living. This was New York. So, our start with approach was to seek comrades, companions… company – making it easy to relate to the title of the truly wonderful staging now at Barrington Stage. With music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, Company displays Sondheim’s unique ability to cynosure clear on – and bring out the depth of – each character interacting within the story. Think back to his other prize-winning shows: Gypsy , where the main expected is not Gypsy Rose Lee, but a mother engineering her daughters’ success. ” And, Sondheim’s exploration of a French painting depicting dozens of people strolling in a acknowledged park, and voilà…the delightful Sunday in the Park with George. It is Sondheim’s talent to see what others see, hear, and emotionally seem…capture that moment in time…and create a musical story and score that it is brilliant. This production of Company takes bung on a set of exposed brick walls, windows with views of other buildings, beanbag chairs – very New York, 1970s. The toe number gets us ready for Robert’s birthday – with the full cast of 14 singing,... Robert (or “Bobby,” as he’s known to diverse) is a bachelor about to turn 35. The friends trying to arrange his surprise party are all couples : married, almost married, about to split up. He enjoys groups of three people – “company,” he calls them “…so safe. ” As it happens, this popular bachelor isn’t yellow of marriage: he’s afraid of NOT getting married. Perhaps the show’s best-known song – a trio teasing Robert for leftover single – is “You Could Drive a Person Crazy. Schell shines again later, with just the right touch of sardonic verve in her ditty, “Another Hundred People,” observing the throngs getting off morning trains in Manhattan. Company is one of those shows, however, that cannot succeed without the manage role of Robert being sensitively interpreted – including his two musical show-stoppers: “Someone is Waiting,” and “Being Alive. All this – with Julianne Boyd’s whizzo direction and Music Director Darren Cohen balanced orchestral accompaniment – add up to many reasons for. Source:

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  • The Lee Strasberg Notes

    Taylor & Francis. 2017. ISBN: 9780415551854,0415551854. 200 pages.

    Not in a million years before published transcripts from Lee Strasberg's teachings at his school in New York City in the last ten years of his life.


Lee Strasberg Auditorium and Film Institute - Official Site

The only acting prepare in the world that teaches The Method, as discovered, developed and taught by the father of Method Acting, Lee Strasberg.

Lee Strasberg - Wikipedia

Lee Strasberg (born Israel Strasberg; November 17, 1901 – February 17, 1982) was a Do away with-born American actor, director, and theatre practitioner. He was born in a ...

Accessible | The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute

The only acting opinion in the world that teaches The Method, as discovered, developed and taught by the father of Method Acting, Lee Strasberg.

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The Lee Strasberg Theatre-in-the-round and Film Institute (originally the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute) is an acting school located at 115 East 15th Street between Union Settled ...