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“The Sly Fox is the book I will buy as gifts for my family and friends this year. It gives young girls the tools they need to build self-esteem with simple exercises that create
awareness around negative feelings--and then teaches them how to set those feelings free. I hope this sparks a revolution in helping our kids understand they have the
power within themselves to create their own happiness!”

-Esther Blum, bestselling author of Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous and Cavewomen Don’t Get Fat

“The Sly Fox offers a simple way to teach children about the power of mindfulness. In this sweet tale, little Shanty is given something even better than a loving mommy
who can boost her confidence. This wise mother shows Shanty how to find that confidence within herself.”

-Heather Gray, Life Coach at and Co-author of the Award Winning Real Girl Real World: A Guide for Finding Your True Self

“I love the power of this story and how it reminds children of what they (and we all) know to be true at the core. This story brings a child back into their power and into their
Divine knowing that they get to choose which thoughts to engage and in choosing their thoughts a limitless world - the world they are most meant to live in - is opened up
to them. The illustrations are captivating and the story is engaging, a must-read for any family who desires to live life at a higher, more aligned with Source frequency.”

-Heather Kristian Strang, Spiritual Author & Guide,

The Sly Fox is a story about a girl named Shanty, who becomes upset by the mean things the kids at school say to her. Her mom introduces her to the Sly Fox which is the voice in our heads agrees with our critics and tries to stop us from being our light. With the help of her Mother, Shanty learns how to reclaim her power back from the Sly Fox and the bullies at school.
Examine with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles

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Examine with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles by CRUISE,TOM
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The selfishly evil vampire Lestat (Cruise), seduces Louis into a life of immortality, where he is troubled by the need to kill to maintain his own life. He confesses his 200 year erotic and bloody adventure to an unbelieving journalist.
Genre: Feature Film-Action/Adventure
Rating: R
Release Date: 3-FEB-2004
Media Type: DVD

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