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In the supreme ways of bringing self-healing and a permanent cure, the greatest secret lies in the spiritual body. Most people do not understand that human beings are both physical and spiritual. In fact, the great spiritual masters and ancient students of nature discovered that the material body is a physical reflection of the spiritual body. They realized that the real secret key to health and healing of disease cannot be found in matter. It is the spiritual body that you will find the cause of the symptoms that manifest in the physical body. History tells us that the great masters in the past who uncovered these truths and recorded them in writings were ordered to remain silent, so that the information would not reach the masses.

This book gives you the key to hundreds of mysteries in medicine and healing which are completely unknown within ordinary medical practices, thereby giving you acess to timeless healing technologies that are the birthright of humankind. The Divine Doctor reveals the precise methods for working with the spiritual body to achieve self healing and maintain vibrant health. It will guide you through these techniques, so that you may recover more quickly from illness and become healthy.

The Divine Doctor is for all yogis, Kabbalists, doctors, serious health practitioners and anyone who desires to achieve self-healing and help others heal through the application of profound meditations and practical techniques. By reading and practicing these sacred teachings, you will nurture your energy, expand your consciousness, purify your mind, and renew yourself. Apply these healing methods in you own life and share them with your loved ones, friends and patients. You will be multiplying their effect throughout the planet, sharing the sacred gift of enlightened consciousness and optimal health.
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Your Life After Death

The book that answers life's BIGGEST QUESTION ...what happens to me when I die?

According to Joseph -- the ancient, highly evolved spirit who has lived in an enlightened sphere of reality ‘beyond the veil' for thousands of years - there are countless opportunities and wonders awaiting you beyond physical ‘death'.

Communicated through respected trance medium, Michael G. Reccia, this unique book is arguably the most comprehensive account ever written of what lies ahead for you when you leave this world behind.

Whether you're a spiritual seeker or simply curious as to what comes next, this definitive guide to the afterlife will answer all your questions and be an essential source of comfort and inspiration it and you'll never look at the next life, or, indeed, this one, in quite the same way again.


Joseph: ‘Some of the concepts we will talk about are frightening and they should be in the public knowledge; some of them are uplifting and take souls to places beyond physical description in terms of beauty and love and ecstasy. The book will give people a better grounding on the subject of death and the afterlife than has been given before in many books.'

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    Can anyone recommend some good books on overcoming depression?

    Or maybe just good books on depression in general. I would like something inspirational as well as good self-help tips.

    Beyond Prozac by Michael J. Norden (1995) How to Heal Depression by Harold Bloomfield (1994, 1996) Potatoes Not Prozac by Kathleen DesMaisons (1999) -- 0684850141 Self-Coaching: The Powerful...

  • Brownie

    Help with short story The Self-Contained Compartment by Michael Goldstien?

    I dont understand, does "He" not know that there is another girl that is in his room besides Joseph, or is it just a dream or all in his head? And why does he climb into the bed with the girl at the end? Thanks! you can get much information in this website,kindly stay a minute in website and check anyone link at a time,and you can aslo get your question answer in Google Search in...

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Vogel is the author of 2011′s acclaimed Jackson biography Man in the Music: The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson. Vogel also appeared in Spike Lee’s Jackson documentary Bad 25. Vogel talks about his work in the documentary, saying that he first came in contact with. Source: BlogTalkRadio blog

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    1973. 510 pages.

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