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Joseph Julian Soria Signed 8x10 Photo w/COA Self-indulgently & Furious Line Of Duty #2
Joseph Julian Soria Signed 8x10 Photo w/COA Self-indulgently & Furious Line Of Duty #2

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Blu-ray Review: The Purge: Election Year

Blu-ray Combo Pack | DVD | Digital HD. Director: James DeMonaco. Cast: Elizabeth Mitchell, Frank Grillo, Mykelti Williamson, Terry Serpico, Betty Gabriel, Joseph Julian Soria, Kyle Secor. Release Date: October 4, 2016 The Purge: Election Year is the third installment in four years for the Purge franchise and in my opinion is the best so far. Where the first one was a home invasion movie, and the second was a stilted revenge movie, the third entry is all political thriller dripping with socio-economic commentary. Again written and directed by James DeMonaco , The Purge: Election Year focuses on Senator Charlie Roan ( Elizabeth Mitchell ) who promises, if elected, to end the yearly night of guiltless violence and murder. Returning for part three is Leo Barnes ( Frank Grillo ), the anti-hero/hero of The Purge: Anarchy. He was a vengeance-seeking Purge participant when part two began, but now he’s back to his old job, working security detail for the Senator. Of course right when Purge night begins, Roan’s house is attacked and she and Leo are forced to venture out into the abyss where Purge activities are commencing as usual. The Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack comes loaded with special features including 8 minutes of deleted scenes, including an extended Purge night montage. There is a five and a half minute mini-documentary, “Inside The Purge,” featuring interviews with the cast, director James DeMonaco, and Producer Jason Blum from Blumhouse. Grillo, Mitchell, and co-star Kyle Secor all wax poetic about DeMonaco and his directorial style. DeMonaco talks about shifting the theme here from a horror movie about surviving the night to a movie about the nation surviving the Purge years. Cast member Edwin Hodge discusses the Purge in relation to modern day America and says what we’re all thinking: “The idea is extreme, but not far-fetched. ” DeMonaco jokes at the end that his original script for The Purge would have been rated “100 X” and so these movies are actually him under control. DeMonaco calls Grillo a legit tough guy and they discuss all the hard work he put into the role. On the stunts, Grillo said, “There were twice as many and they were twice as hard. This included a huge 90-second knife fight with co-star Terry Serpico that took 10 hours practice/5 hours to film. Source: Geeks of Doom

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    We interviewed Joseph Julian Soria (Marcos) about THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR release on blu-ray! Check it out! 'Purge: Election Year' Out On Blu-Ray & DVD October 4th. Purge Election Year Blu-ray 2D Front copy. IT'S TIME TO CHOOSE YOUR SIDE 

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  • Assisting Venus

    Terran Enterprises. 2010. ISBN: 9780972728492,097272849X. 200 pages.

    The original shooting script for the independent feature film Assisting Venus from writer Michele Martín and writer/director Charles Huddleston. Greg Severin (Michael Steger), a shy and awkward young man stuck in post-college purgatory, finds himself exploring options after quitting his computer job. He meets the woman of his dreams in this modern Pygmalion story, his Venus, Sophia LaCosta (Michele Martín), a mysterious and dominant young woman with modern ideas about the male/female relationship. She, looking for an assistant, sees something pliable and devoted in Greg that might fulfill her requirements. She trains him in the romantic art of pleasing a woman and impacts his life forever. In the end he must choose between the pursuit of traditional love and fully committing to the woman he worships.


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Joseph Julian Soria; Born: August 28, 1986 (1986-08-28) (age 30) Los Angeles, California, U.S. Occupation: Actor: Years active: 2004–present

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Joseph Julian Soria, Actor: The Purge: Election Year. With distinguished roles in a variety of projects, Joseph Julian (J.J.) Soria is proving that he possesses the ...

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With distinguished roles in a variety of projects, Joseph Julian (J.J.) Soria is proving that he possesses the talent, energy and experience to bring...

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