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20 of Hank Williams' Greatest Hits

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20 of Hank Williams' Greatest Hits by CD
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The magic of his voice itself beats out any price, but this 20-track collection of Hank's most important work is practically a steal!
Hank 101. Country 101. After 27 years in print as 24 Greatest Hits, Mercury kindly reduced it to 20 Greatest Hits. It's still excellent value, and it's still sobering to realize that Hank recorded just 66 songs during his lifetime, almost all of them essential. Here are those that serve as a working definition of country music, and as an admonition to artists who try to get too wordy or try to lose themselves in minor keys. "Your Cheatin' Heart," "Honky-Tonk Blues," "Cold, Cold Heart," "Lovesick Blues," "You Win Again," "I Can't Help It," "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry," and the rest. Fifty years later, they still have the power to move, and the power to shape modern country music. --Colin Escott
Lovesick Insolvent & Driftin'

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Lovesick Insolvent & Driftin' by CD
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Followup to his successful "Risin' Outlaw". Hometown - Nashville, TN
"Lord, honey, you're a ghost," Minnie Pearl allegedly told Hank Williams III after their first meeting. It's a natural reaction to the skinny singer with the sunken cheekbones and, especially, the pinched nasal vocal--so reminiscent of his famous grandfather's catch-and-moan delivery. Hank III's debut, Risin' Outlaw, made that clear, but now his follow-up carves it on the wall, vocally, melodically, and lyrically. While the third-generation rebel strives mightily to find his own sound by wedding the spooky, old-style country blues and dark themes of his grandfather (Hank Sr.) to the Southern rock and boogie of his dad (Hank Jr.), at times he's guilty of trying too hard to buck Nashville ("Trashville") and re-create the misery of the Williams family tradition. Song after song packs danger and despair between the lines, in drinking to kill the pain, in wallowing in depression, in walking the "low road" of life. That said, III knows how to conjure a gutbucket rhythm ("7 Months and 39 Days") as well as a mournful tearjerker ("5 Shots of Whiskey"), and his touring band keeps things spare, raw, and honkin'. Not everything comes together, but there's no doubting this is a fascinating snapshot of a magical performer struggling to make his own legend. --Alanna Nash

Hank Stone & Johnny Bush - An Eye For An Eye

Title: An Eye For An Eye Album: In a Texas Honky Tonk.

Jack White Has Elvis Presley's First Recordings Digitally Transferred -

According to legend (and depending which source is to be believed), the disc was either a belated birthday gift for Presley's mother or a clever way for Presley to get Phillips' attention and jumpstart his singing career. Thanks to Phillips' assistant, Marian Keisker, who ran a tape of the recording at the time and later called it to the attention of her boss, Presley's performance eventually earned him a Sun Records contract, which would later be sold to RCA for... The buyer was later revealed to be rock musician and Nashville recording studio owner Jack White. The disc was auctioned off at Graceland by the family of the late Ed Leek, a classmate of Presley's who had reportedly given him the cash to make the recording. Presley took the disc to Leek's home and left it with him. After White's purchase, and for the first time ever, the one-of-a-kind disc was painstakingly transferred digitally, and White's Third Man Records label plans to reissue the tracks on a facsimile 78 RPM 10-inch vinyl for Record Store Day this... It's not the first time Stoker had transferred the disc, however. In 1989, after Leek signed a partnership deal with Sun's then-owner Shelby Singleton, the two songs on the disc were transferred to analog tape and issued for the very first time on CD. Although Stoker has been restoring, transferring and... "Certainly I'm aware of how important this is," Stoker tells Rolling Stone Country. ' Not this disc necessarily, but that performance because that's where they first heard him. The guy is handing me a disc he paid $300,000 for, so that makes you kind of hold your breath a little. The disc was in pretty good shape. That's a pretty stable environment for these discs. An acetate disc is like a piece of metal with nail polish painted on it. If it's up in your attic, the acetate expands and contracts but the metal doesn't, so eventually that's going to create a crack in the outside. Stoker, who won a 2005 Best Historical Recording Grammy for engineering the Night Train to Nashville. Source:

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    "Certainly I'm aware of how important this is," Stoker tells Rolling Stone Country. "[It's] kind of like the 'Big Bang of rock & roll.' Not this disc necessarily, but that performance because that's where they first heard him. It's a document of that

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RT @John_P_Carvalho: LIVE on #Periscope: Dropping in on Hank Klibanoff, ex-AJC ME, talking Rolling Stone/UVA ethics with @AUJRNL students h… 04/15/15, @AUJRNL
LIVE on #Periscope: Dropping in on Hank Klibanoff, ex-AJC ME, talking Rolling Stone/UVA ethics with @AUJRNL students 04/15/15, @John_P_Carvalho
Just past 2 pm, I will #Periscope an ethics discussion of Rolling Stone/UVA with @AUJRNL students and former AJC ME Hank Klibanoff. 04/15/15, @John_P_Carvalho


  • Philosopher's Stone

    Infinity Publishing. 2004. ISBN: 9780741422354,0741422352. 220 pages.

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Hank Stone - IMDb

Hank Stone, Actor: The Patriot. Hank Stone is an actor and director, known for The Patriot (2000), Cold Mountain (2003) and The Punisher (2004).

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Comedy Hypnotist Hank Stone - Comedian - Hypnotist ...

Hank Stone is an award winning comedy hypnotist, mentalist, mesmerist, hypnotist, hypnotherapist, actor, magician, author, dj, international recording artist, ...

Hank Stone | In A Texas Honky Tonk | CD Baby Music Store

HANK STONE-IN A TEXAS HONKY TONK The title of this CD is aptly named. As you listen to HANK STONE, sounding a bit like RAY PRICE, DARRELL McCALL, JOHNNY BUSH with a ...

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