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The Sleeping Wordbook by Warner Home Video
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A sexy and comic love story, set in the 1920s, about an idealistic young British colonial officer who arrives in a remote jungle outpost to find himself assigned a local beauty to sleep with him and teach him the language.
Don't let the title fool you: The Sleeping Dictionary is the most seductive argument for foreign-language education a boy ever had. Hugh Dancy is a young and idealistic colonial official posted to Britain's deep-jungle Sarawak outpost in 1939, and Jessica Alba (Dark Angel) is the "sleeping dictionary," a sexy tutor who proves that the fastest way to learn a language is through lovemaking. Guy Jenkin trades in old clichés for new ones in his revision of the exotic old melodramas of forbidden love between handsome colonial men and gorgeous, guileless native girls. Alba's accent slips and slides but she's a sweet, sexy, and beguiling presence, while Bob Hoskins and Brenda Blethyn uphold the all-important appearance of British morality. If you can overlook the contrivances, it makes for a lush romantic fantasy about the triumph of love over the hypocrisy of so-called civilized society. --Sean Axmaker

Queen's University of Belfast graduations list - December 11 2015 - Belfast Telegraph

Brother and sister Michael and Suzanne Whitten celebrate their graduations at Queens University. The East Belfast duo will both received Masters degrees from the University. Suzanne completed a MA in Moral, Legal and Political Philosophy while Michael received a MA in Musicology. This is the second double celebration for the Whitten family as the siblings first graduated together in 2014. School of Biological Sciences. School of Biological Sciences. Doctor of Philosophy. Carolyn Anne BROMLEY (in absentia). Rachel Sarah CLARKE. Thomas FLEMING (in absentia). Rebecca JOHNSTON. Katie Louise LEACH (in absentia). Kirsty Elizabeth McLAUGHLIN. Michael Paul REID. Master of Philosophy. Simon GUIST (in absentia). Master of Science. with Distinction. Naomi Elizabeth MAGOWAN. with Commendation. Anjali BABU (in absentia). Chuning DENG (in absentia). Bingjie DONG (in absentia). Natalie MATTHEWS. Hannah O’REILLY. Di ZHANG (in absentia). Zhifan ZHANG. Ozaye Warren Stephon DODSON (in absentia). Mengnan LU (in absentia). with Distinction. Sascha Ann Kathleen COX. Natalie Ivana KOCH. with Commendation. Simon Andrew GIBSON. Rachel Mary GUNN. Rebecca Louise KITE. Deirdre Caitríona McCORMACK. Meredith Aline Hayes RITTER. Matthew David Stanley WARD (in absentia). David Henry ARGUE. Brooke JACKSON. Communication - Strategic Management for Rural Business. with Distinction. Catherine ARRELL. Cahir Martin CLANCY. Lorraine Anne HOLLOWAY-McCARNEY. Hannah Rose McGURK. Joanne WILSON. with Commendation. Lindsay BAIRD. Sara Victoria CAITHNESS. Lyndsey-Anne COULTER. Paul Ambrose CROWE. Kerri HUGHES. Elaine Marie JONES. Charlene McCARRON. Martin Christopher McGUIGAN. Joanne Mary BREEN. Emma Marie O’HAGAN. Communication - Training and Development for Rural Business. Source:

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  • Queen's University of Belfast graduations list - December 11 2015

    12/11/15 ,via Belfast Telegraph

    Eugene Thomas CARMICHAEL. Atipong DHARMASAROJA (in absentia). Joanne Patricia MARTIN. Cathal NOLAN. Master of Science. Advanced Aerospace Engineering. with Distinction. Jorge Ivan GARCIA GONZALEZ (in absentia). with Commendation. Julie Rebecca FORBES

  • Russian Soldiers Paid $40K to Fight in East Ukraine

    08/25/15 ,via Breitbart News

    At Ukrainian Policy, Russian expert Paul Globe noted a Russian newspaper claimed thousands of Russian soldiers perished in east Ukraine. The findings confirm Alec Luhn's article at The Guardian from January. On Monday, Delovaya zhizn reported about 


  • Fluffy Pancakes

    baking powder, eggs, flour, milk, salt, shortening, sugar


  • Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

    Jeff Milne. 2009. ISBN: 9780615285214,061528521X.

    This is an in depth reference work devoted to the movie trivia game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. It is far better and more complete than the terrible, short book by the games creators, which was mostly pictures and empty space on the page.

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  • Malaysia mourns the innocent victims shot down on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 in Ukraine

    07/21/14 ,via

    Angeline Premila Rajarandan and Nur Shazana Mohamed Salleh were the youngest of the plane’s crew at 30 and 31 years old. Both were travelling the world in a job they loved. It was Shazana’s dream to be a flight steward. She had asked her family to wait ...

  • 'This baby's death is on your conscience, Putin - damn you for centuries': Ukrainian government releases horrific picture of infant lying in a field that it says was killed ...

    07/18/14 ,via Daily Mail

    Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over territory held by Pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine Body parts and wreckage from flight, headed from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, spread over nine-mile area Shocking photograph released by Ukrainian ...

  • Did MH17 pilot divert INTO the danger zone? Aviation expert claims captain made last-minute change of course over Ukraine because he 'felt uncomfortable'

    07/18/14 ,via Daily Mail

    Russian military expert claims pilot radioed his concerns about the route before diverting over rebel-held territory Russian media explores theory that Ukrainian armed forces shot down Boeing 777 after mistaking it for Putin's jet Malaysia Airlines filed ...


Evolution Fitness and Nutrition - Personal Trainer Liverpool

Personal Trainer. Eugene Salleh is a multi-disciplined personal fitness and nutrition coach, providing customised programmes for both men and women in Liverpool and ...

Raden Saleh - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Raden Saleh is particularly remembered for his historical painting, The Arrest of Pangeran Diponegoro, [5]:26 which depicted the betrayal of the rebel leader Prince ...

numa numa - YouTube

numa numa dance ... This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. - Singapore Government Directory

The Singapore Government Directory is an online information service to facilitate communication between members of the public and the public service.

Eugene Salleh (@Eugene_EvoFN) | Twitter

Eugene Salleh (@Eugene_EvoFN) | Twitter
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Eugene Salleh - Personal Trainer based in Liverpool

Eugene Salleh - Personal Trainer based in Liverpool

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Films dans le theme Amours : amours impossibles - amours tragiques