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10 Best Alternate Dimensions Movie and TV Shows - Bloody Disgusting

With ‘Stranger Things’ reopening the gate to excellent alternate dimension storytelling, we dig into some of the other best examples. Stranger Things is a love letter to ‘80s hard sci-fi in the best possible way. While it wags influences like John Carpenter and Stephen King in your face like a roving tentacle, it also decides to fulfill a very specific sect of science fiction. Stranger Things tells the story of a missing boy and the appearance of a mysterious girl, but it’s ultimately a series about alternate dimensions, more specifically, when doorways to those alternate dimensions open up in our own backyard. Now just to delineate what is specifically being looked at here, these are not films or TV shows dealing with parallel realities, some what if. sort of exercise, or dalliances with alternate history. These are specifically instances where a rift appears in our universe and it’s a gateway into another dimension (meaning something like The Matrix would fail to qualify). There are far too many alternate universe stories otherwise, with this very specific qualifier being crucial here because it’s the sort of alternate dimension being depicted in Stranger Things. With Stranger Things delivering an immensely satisfying alternate dimension narrative, we thought we would explore some of the other more satisfying instances of alternate dimensions coming into play in horror. The vampire detective series’ second season chose to close things off with a three-parter that saw Angel Investigations traveling to the demon world of Pylea. Rather than some standard parallel universe, Pylea is the universe that Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan—otherwise known as “Lorne”—hails from. Complete with its own vocabulary, Pylea’s differences are mostly played for laughs, but the series not only gains a lot of mileage out of the universe hop, they also acquire a new cast member out of the detour. Pylea might never be returned to in Angel, but its presence is felt through the rest of the series in the form of Fred and Lorne (and sure, Groosalugg too, why not). When it comes to passing between alternate dimensions, Rick and Morty has very welcome become the preeminent master on the topic. Source:

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  • 10 Best Alternate Dimensions Movie and TV Shows

    07/19/16 ,via Bloody Disgusting

    Earth-2 has an Eric Stoltz starring Back to the Future, 9/11's tragedy involved the White House and not the World Trade Center, and coffee is a priceless rarity. Yes, there's a lot of science to explore with the show's alternate dimensions, but there's

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    This week's voters are Jim Bowden of Insider, Eric Karabell of Fantasy, Tim Kurkjian of , David Schoenfield of the SweetSpot Blog Network/.com and Jayson Stark of .com. Most of the team comments come courtesy of the SweetSpot Blog


I can count on one hand the directors who actually directed me. #EricStoltz 07/19/16, @LotteCortie
RT @XFreactions: Gillian Anderson presenting at the Spirit Awards with Eric Stoltz. 07/19/16, @MarselXDD
Eric Stoltz in Pulp Fiction, talking to Vincent Vega. "Magic Trolls are coming back, and in a big way." 07/19/16, @luzzerylavender


  • Eric Lanlards Strawberry Gateaux Recipe

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  • Eric's Brownies

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  • Ascend

    Paulist Press. 2016. ISBN: 0809146215,9780809146215. 229 pages.

    Ascend: The Catholic Faith for a New Generation is a contemporary, scripture-rich, and dramatically visual exploration of the Catholic faith for young adults. With its engaging style, full-color graphics, and interesting sidebar articles, Ascend covers the basics of Christianity from a viewpoint that is Catholic yet ecumenically minded. There are chapter profiles on Christian role models from both ancient and modern times, and informative discussions of contemporary events from a Christian perspective. Discussion questions and book recommendations are included for each chapter; there is also an extensive glossary. Though oriented to young adults, Ascend provides an overview of Christianity that will appeal to all ages, Christians and non-Christians alike. "Finally something for young adult Catholics that actually speaks their language--blunt, personal, authentic and visual. Ascend's groundbreaking new way of presenting simple Gospel truths is a bold new invitation to the faith addressed directly to the future of the church." --James Martin, S.J., author, My Life with the Saints

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  • ‘Back to the Future’: See Vintage Behind-the-Scenes Footage From the Blockbuster Trilogy’s 1990 Documentary

    07/18/16 ,via Movies with Butter

    Watch Eric Stoltz as Marty Mcfly in Back to the Future! 25th Anniversary Trilogy Blu-ray will be released on October 26. The Hollywood Reporter has our first look at one of the special features included on this release, which offers, for the first time ...

  • Outlander Season 3 to begin shooting next month due to 'complicated' scenes?

    07/14/16 ,via Vegas Sports

    Other surprisingly big names involved include the likes of Eric Stoltz, Sarah Paulson, Kathleen Quinlan, and Carla Gallo, and the whole thing was created by In Treatment veterans Rodrigo Garcia and Karen Graci. She will return to No 10 as the country's ...

  • Ralston Reports: Hillary vs. Bernie, back when Nevada mattered

    07/12/16 ,via Reno Gazette-Journal

    You remember, when the nonsense spin and conspiracy theories flowed as Hillary Clinton won Nevada, then almost lost Nevada, then won it again as some Bernie Sanders supporters acted as if they had ingested some of Eric Stoltz’s stuff from “Pulp Fiction.”


Eric Stoltz - IMDb

Eric Cameron Stoltz is a theater-trained actor and producer who has starred in both independent and studio films. He was born on September 30, 1961 in Whittier ...

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Эрик Штольц: Eric Stoltz: Эрик Штольц в 2009 году: Имя при рождении: Эрик Кэмерон Штольц (англ.

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A Designer Who Codes. I can whip up a snazzy prototype in HTML5 and CSS3 with jQuery effects for testing and even hand off high quality semantic markup to developers.

Eric Stoltz

Eric Stoltz

File:Eric Stoltz-2009 cropped.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

File:Eric Stoltz-2009 cropped.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Eric Stoltz Shirtless

Eric Stoltz Shirtless

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