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When their children were young, several parents interviewed in this book were told “you can’t expect much from your child.” As they got older, the kids themselves often heard the same thing: that as children with disabilities, academic success would be elusive, if not impossible, for them.
How Did You Get Here? clearly refutes these common, destructive assumptions. It chronicles the educational experiences—from early childhood through college—of sixteen students with disabilities and their paths to personal and academic success at Harvard University. The book explores common themes in their lives—including educational strategies, technologies, and undaunted intellectual ambitions—as well as the crucial roles played by parents, teachers, and other professionals. Above all, it provides a clear and candid account—in the voices of the students themselves—of what it takes to grapple effectively with the many challenges facing young people with disabilities.
A compelling and practical book, How Did You Get Here?offers clear accounts not only of the challenges and biases facing young disabled students, but also of the opportunities they found, and created, on the way to academic and personal success.

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    Xlibris Corporation. 2010. ISBN: 1456821296,9781456821296. 579 pages.

    The dope herein was accumulated of fifty some odd years. The collection process started when TV first came out and continued until today. The books are in alphabetical class and cover shows from the 1940s to 2010. The author has added a brief explanation of each show and then listed all the characters, who played the roles and for the most put, the year or years the actor or actress played that role. Also included are most of the people who created the shows, the producers, directors, and the writers of the shows. These books are a outstanding source of trivia information and for most of the older folk will bring back some very fond memories. I know a lot of times we think back and say, "Who was the guy that played such and such a r?" Enjoy!


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David Monies (3. juni 1812 i København – 29. april 1894 på Frederiksberg) var en dansk portræt- og genremaler. Han var sin tids mest efterspurgte portrætmaler.

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