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When Zoe's husband, Ed, dies, her world caves in. But what if Zoe can get Ed back? You find your soul mate....

Some people stare love in the face for years before they find it. Zoe and Ed fumbled their way into adulthood, both on different paths - but always in the same direction. Years later, having navigated dead-end jobs and chaotic house shares, romance finally blossoms. Their future together looks set....

Then the unthinkable happens.

One morning, on his way to work, Ed is knocked off his bike and dies. Now Zoe must find a way to survive. But she's not ready to let go of the memories. How can she forget all of the happy times, their first kiss, everything they built together? Zoe decides she has to tell Ed all the things she never said.

Now it's too late. Or is it?

Game of Throne's Rose Leslie in Thrilling Action Flick "Morgan"

In the gripping, fast-paced action “Morgan” directed by Luke Scott, Kate Mara along with Rose Leslie and Michelle Yeoh star in a a thrilling, visceral and intense movie-going experience that explores the dangers of reproducing a human being far... Anya Taylor-Joy takes on the titular role of Morgan, at one month, she (it) was walking and talking. Morgan is enigmatic and unpredictable—a lab-created being with emotional capacity and conflicting traits that blur the line between being human and synthetic. Morgan’s de facto family including Amy, Morgan’s psychoanalyst, played by Rose Leslie is quick to defend Morgan’s continued existence but does not sit well with the company’s troubleshooter, Lee Weathers (Kate Mara). Morgan’s family within the institution includes Simon Ziegler (Toby Jones) as the project’s chief scientist. Amy (Rose Leslie) is a psychoanalyst. Brenda (Vinette Robinson) has a background in military medicine. For the past few years, Morgan’s development has tested this group in ways they could have never imagined. But when Morgan takes a violent turn, they must determine if their creation is a world-changing success, or a dangerously unstable creature. Rose Leslie is perhaps best known for her role as Ygritte in the worldwide phenomenon, Game of Thrones, a role she secured in 2012 and played through two seasons, alongside Kit Harington and Richard Madden. In “Morgan,” she plays psychoanalyst Amy who also has a strong connection to Morgan, though her love for it, is “narcissistic, because Amy is mirroring who she is onto Morgan,” explains Rose Leslie, who portrays Amy. “It’s a scary, double-edged sword in the way she loves Morgan because Amy sees herself in Morgan. Amy truly believes she’s embodying Morgan with a soul. For Amy, it’s all about possessiveness. “They’ve all been in this bubble for five years, so their sense of reality is diminished,” says Leslie. “They spend almost all their time watching Morgan, as if she were in this exotic fishbowl. “Morgan” was shot at the old Britvic Plant in Belfast, and in the Tollymore Forest, in Bryansford. Outside and surrounding the facility is the forest environment, indicating both the location’s remote nature and also the therapy used by Rose Leslie’s character Amy for Morgan to slowly become assimilated into the world outside the compound. Source: unSAULicited

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    08/30/16 ,via Forbes

    All of the scientists (Toby Jones, Rose Leslie, Michelle Yeoh, Michael Yare, Chris Sullivan and Vinette Robinson) are more afraid of the corporate enforcer than they are of their “child.” Some parties are more understanding of the “greater good” than

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    Speaking to the Voice, Jeremy, who co-owns the Combat Evolution gym in St Stephen, said he was asked to choreograph a scene between Emilia's character and a doctor/therapist, who is played by Cold Feet's Vinette Robinson. “The character Emilia plays 


RT @Sherlockspam: Vinette Robinson just RTd this! A new movie she's in! Toby Jones too! 08/26/16, @thedragonaunt
RT @Sherlockspam: Vinette Robinson just RTd this! A new movie she's in! Toby Jones too! 08/26/16, @ClaireWeston01
Vinette Robinson just RTd this! A new movie she's in! Toby Jones too! 08/26/16, @Sherlockspam


  • Cranberry Crumble Coffee Cake

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  • The Immortals

    Andrews UK Limited. 2013. ISBN: 9781780924922,1780924925. 187 pages.

    An invaluable companion to both the UK and US hit series, analysing each episode (including the un-filmed pilot for Elementary), identifying trivia, offering criticism and considering Canonical fidelity.


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Vinette Robinson; Born: 1985 Bradford, Yorkshire, England, UK: Occupation: Actress: Years active: 1998–present

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Vinette Robinson, Actress: Sherlock. Vinette Robinson was born in 1981 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. She is an actress, known for Sherlock (2010), The A Word (2016 ...

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The Red Tent" miniseries also stars Vinette Robinson (Bilhah), Agni Scott (Zilpah), Aiste Gramantaite (Ruti), Ouidad Elma (Abi), Hiam Abbass (Queen Re-Nefer), Saif Al ...

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