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A novel set in the 15th century about pure evil, corrupted goodness and cowardice. Gilles de Rais, Baron de Laval, was Joan of Arc's chosen companion and bodyguard. He was charged with witchcraft and heresy, sacrilege, sorcery, and the practice of unnatural crime against children. m
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Frankreich zu Beginn des 15. Jahrhunderts: Nach fast hundertjährigem Krieg gegen England weckt Johanna von Orléans noch einmal alle Kräfte des Landes; an ihrer Seite stürmt der Schwarze Ritter Gilles die Mauern der Stadt an der Loire. Um diese janusköpfige Gestalt und ihr farbenprächtiges Gefolge hat Siegfried Obermeier einen großen historischen Roman geschrieben, der die ebenso überragende wie böse Figur des Schwarzen Ritters authentisch porträtiert und sie zum Kristallisationspunkt für eine geheimnisvolle Epoche macht. (Dieser Text bezieht sich auf eine frühere Ausgabe.)

An analysis of the bail-reform constitutional amendment

With it seemingly likely that this measure will pass, it might be wise to educate the public as to what to expect after its passage. First, let’s start out with understanding why bail reform is necessary. Nationwide, 60 percent of jail inmates are there simply because they are too poor to afford bail, not because they are dangerous. Nearly 50 years ago, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy once famously said , “Only one factor determines whether a defendant stays in jail before he comes to trial. And it is precisely because of Attorney General Robert Kennedy that the federal system long ago abolished cash bail. Throughout the states, advocates on all sides are clamoring for bail reform. A panel in Arizona has recently recommended abolishing the bail system. In 2014, New Jersey recently amended its constitution, effectively abolishing money bail. Other states are attempting to transition from bail to ensure the defendant’s presence at future hearings to a risk-based assessment system. Even jurisdictions like Harris County, Texas , and California – both notorious for unjustly harsh criminal justice systems – are beginning the discussion of bail reform. With bail reform seemingly all the rage, New Mexico wants a piece of the action. To satiate New Mexicans’ hunger for reform, Constitutional Amendment 1 provides the needed relief. Chief Justice Charles Daniels recently wrote that bail reform is “one of the most significant justice reforms in our state’s history. ” And though initially opposed to the amendment, even the bail industry now supports the amendment. Why does New Mexico need the reform. And with it seemingly having very strong support, what will it do to the system once it passes. Why does New Mexico need bail reform. Pretrial incarceration not only costs the counties and state a lot of money, but it costs the citizenry and the defendant the inability to begin a rehabilitative process. There are innumerable collateral consequences to the defendants, which usually disparately affect the poor. Those who are incarcerated pretrial – even for relatively short time periods – are more likely to be to sentenced to more prison. Pretrial incarceration also brings extreme adverse mental health consequences. The list goes on and on. LEAST RESTRICTIVE MEANS: Being held in jail solely because one is unable to post bond – and not because that person is dangerous – was the sole rationale behind the Brown opinion. Source:

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  • Four men jailed for a total of 20 years for Derby drugs conspiracy

    10/31/16 ,via Derby Telegraph

    Four men involved in the conspiracy to supply the class-A drug have been jailed for a total of more than 20 years. Two of the men, Rais Hussain and Waqar Lal, were main players in the conspiracy, directing and organising the operation and selling the

  • 'An Eye for an Eye': Film Review

    10/28/16 ,via Hollywood Reporter

    But the third, Rais Bhuiyan, despite losing the use of one eye in the attack, wound up being one of the most vocal campaigners against his execution. Before that effort got underway, though, Ziv became interested in the "twisted manifesto of hate


Your imagination can transport you to magical places that rais... More for Cancer 10/30/16, @Robert_Redding
Your imagination can transport you to magical places that rais... More for Cancer 10/30/16, @Robert_Durkee



  • Cincinnati Magazine

    2001. 148 pages.

    Cincinnati Magazine taps into the DNA of the city, exploring shopping, dining, living, and culture and giving readers a ringside seat on the issues shaping the region.

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  • Four men jailed for a total of 20 years for Derby drugs conspiracy

    10/31/16 ,via DerbyTelegraph

    Two of the men, Rais Hussain and Waqar Lal ... All four men admitted conspiracy to supply class-A drugs. Sentencing the men, Judge Robert Egbuna said the conspiracy occurred between October 12, last year, and January 14, and was investigated through ...

  • Scientists Build a Better Cancer Drug to Pass Through Blood-Brain Barrier

    10/21/16 ,via

    About this neuroscience research article Other scientists contributing to this research include Rana Rais, Michael Nedelcovych, Jesse Alt, Judson Englert, Camilo Rojas, Anne Le, Amira Elgogary, Jessica Tan, Kelly Pate and Robert Adams from Johns Hopkins ...

  • EAIC wants to be informed of disciplinary actions taken

    10/04/16 ,via BORNEO POST online

    KUCHING: The Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission (EAIC) has proposed for enforcement agencies under its jurisdiction to inform it of disciplinary actions taken by them. Its chairman Datuk Yaacob Md Sam said this would strengthen the effectiveness and f ...


Gilles de Rais – El Mariscal de Las Tinieblas - Asesinos ...

Con apenas 20 años, Gilles de Laval, barón de Rais, era ya un joven de atractiva elegancia y sorprendente belleza. Había recibido una esmerada formación ...

Gilles de Rais — Wikipédia

Gilles de Rais baron de Retz: Gilles de Laval, sire de Rais, compagnon de Jeanne d'Arc, Maréchal de France (1404-1440). Huile sur toile exposée dans la galerie des ...

Gilles de Rais - Wikipedia

Gilles de Rais ritratto di fantasia opera di Eloi Firmin Féron, 1835: Barone di Retz; In carica: 1415-1440: Trattamento: Barone: Altri titoli: Signore di Machecoul ...

Gilles de Rais - Wikipedia

Gilles de Rais; Cause of death: Execution by hanging: Other names: The Original Bluebeard: Criminal penalty: Death: Spouse(s) Catherine de Thouars of Brittany (1420 ...

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... malley martin kareš architecture robert rais robert rais a martin
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Rais Mugabe Azitishia Marekani, Uingereza - Habari | Michezo ...

Rais Mugabe Azitishia Marekani, Uingereza - Habari | Michezo ...
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Rais Robert Mugabe

Rais Robert Mugabe