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Peter the Spacious: His Life and World


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Peter the Spacious: His Life and World by Massie, Robert K.
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Winner of the Pulitzer Prize

Against the monumental canvas of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Europe and Russia unfolds the magnificent story of Peter the Great, crowned co-tsar at the age of ten. Robert K. Massie delves deep into the life of this captivating historical figure, chronicling the pivotal events that shaped a boy into a legend—including his “incognito” travels in Europe, his unquenchable curiosity about Western ways, his obsession with the sea and establishment of the stupendous Russian navy, his creation of an unbeatable army, his transformation of Russia, and his relationships with those he loved most: Catherine, the robust yet gentle peasant, his loving mistress, wife, and successor; and Menshikov, the charming, bold, unscrupulous prince who rose to wealth and power through Peter’s friendship. Impetuous and stubborn, generous and cruel, tender and unforgiving, a man of enormous energy and complexity, Peter the Great is brought fully to life.
Peter Pan (A Standard Collectible Pop-up)


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Peter Pan (A Standard Collectible Pop-up) by Little Simon
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Readers will delight in this retelling of the classic story of Neverland, pirates, and flying. Robert Sabuda's elegant text and paper engineering give new life to favorite charcters like Tinkerbell, Wendy, Michael, and John, and, of course, Peter Pan. Sabuda's beautiful pop-ups are further complemented by full color illustrations that pull readers even deeper into the magical world that is Neverland.

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  • Sports glad rags manufacturer planning move to downtown Farmington

    05/23/17 ,via Lewiston Sun Journal

    Peter Roberts, proprietress of Origin BJJ, LLC, is manufacturing jiujitsu and combat sports apparel in Industry. The company has outgrown the space and is looking to advocate to the former Skane LTD building at 125 High St. Roberts is looking for the town's help

  • Bee tattoos helpers college's appeal

    06/08/17 ,via Oldham Chronicle

    PEOPLE have been flocking to get bee tattoos to show their harmony with the victims of the Manchester Arena attack. But assistant principal Peter Roberts was among those at Oldham Sixth Form College who opted for something less indestructible - a henna 


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@panmisthropist @hanna_mairi @strolltoitaly @remainintheEU45 @AnthonyMortlock @agathejagiella @SheronWilkie… 06/10/17, @mody1894


  • Peter Pan Cookies

    flour, baking soda, brown sugar, eggs, milk, peanut butter, salt, shortening, sugar


  • Gas Sales and Gas Transportation Agreements

    Sweet & Maxwell. 2017. ISBN: 9780414046573,0414046579. 701 pages.

    This tome provides detailed guidance for all those involved in the drafting, negotiating or interpretation of natural gas trading and transportation contracts. It identifies the legal and commercial issues complex at each stage and advises on how they should be handled in the contract.


St. Peters Methodist Church of Scads City, New Jersey

Agreeable To St. Peter's. St. Peter’s United Methodist Church is a vital congregation in the Greater NJ Conference. The first church formed in Ocean City, St. Peter ...

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