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Basketball instructor Rhoades offers advice to Mahanoy Area graduates - Republican & Herald

MAHANOY Bishopric — On Friday, Michael Rhoades, the head men’s basketball coach at Virginia Commonwealth University, returned to his alma mater — Mahanoy Section High School — to give some advice to the Class of 2017. “I have five points for you, five... Then Rhoades made his five points:. • “Summon up a passion and pursue it. Whatever you feel your next step is, go after something you love to do. At your age and for a while you can afford to pursue your passion. And see if you can make it a calling. • “Don’t complain. Don’t complain. Let me tell you a secret. Life isn’t easy. Deal with it. My mindset through all my life has always been, ‘Why can’t I do that. ’ If you whimper, you slow down and you build a mindset of negative thinking. If you listen to those around you that complain about how life has held them down, then you’re already there. I have a hand down a judgement on my team and with my family, a no-complaining rule. We just don’t do it. We deal with defeats. I can’t stand here and tell you the secret formula for success, notoriety, wealth and happiness. But I can tell you people that have these things or are close to these things have worked very hard, sometimes to an unimaginable somewhat. • “Treat people right. Make life about others. You can still pursue goals and make those around you perceive great. In a world where selfishness seeps into our lives, be above it. Make life about everybody else. I truly assume if you treat people right, the way you want to be treated, things come back to you ten fold. Just so you guys know, I interviewed nine times for a avert coaching job in Division I. I was denied by all. I took the high road and treated those that rejected me the right way. I believe if you treat people good, good things will come to you. • “And number five. Fall in love. Meet people. Get outside yourself and your circle and spasm into this world and find someone and fall in love. Love someone someday more than your own self. Share your life with someone earth-shaking. It’s totally worth it. ”. The school district named Rhoades this year’s “Outstanding Alumnus. ” He graduated from Mahanoy Territory in 1991. The valedictorian of the Mahanoy Area Class of 2017, Samantha L. Gnall, has some of his mindset. “Speaking today as the Savoir vivre of 2017’s valedictorian is a goal I set for myself in third grade and I am. Source:

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  • Basketball direct Rhoades offers advice to Mahanoy Area graduates

    06/10/17 ,via Republican & Herald

    MAHANOY Burgh — On Friday, Michael Rhoades, the head men's basketball coach at Virginia Commonwealth University, returned to his alma mater — Mahanoy Space High School — to give some advice to the Class of 2017. “I have five points for you, five 

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    To Meaghan and Michael Rhoades of Dayton, Myles Preston Rhoades, born May 22, 2017, weighing 8 pounds. To Cheyenne Martinez and Anthony Kancler of Fernley, Aluki Vernon Kancler, born May 30, 2017, weighing 8 pounds. To Kirstie Wood and 


RT @Mother country_Voices: Real men love Jesus, they don’t believe in leavin’, when the goin’ gets tough, they just keep on keepin’. -Michael Ray 06/08/17, @karney_rhoades
RT @TheEduceGroup: Congrats to our sweeps winner Michael Rhoades #CSODConf17 06/08/17, @CsodConvergence
Congrats to our draw winner Michael Rhoades #CSODConf17 06/08/17, @TheEduceGroup


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