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Richard Rankin on Trait Acting in the Era of Peak TV - Backstage

“All’s quite domestic at the moment,” says Richard Rankin. He’s embracing the calm before the storm that is filming Season 4 of the historical yet travel drama “Outlander. ” The Scottish actor plays Roger Wakefield, a professor at Oxford who helps glory in the time travel narrative. Before Season 3’s premiere on Starz, Rankin discussed his must-watch TV picks and acting for an international audience. What has working on “Outlander” added to your acting skills. There’s a lot of supposition on “Outlander,” especially for Roger. You just have to put in the work. Drama school is important over here, reading a lot of books on acting, learning from other actors. I like to settle something from every job that I do and I appreciate every actor’s process. For younger actors, just packing up every little bit of sagacity you have, even if you’re just getting technically involved. Getting involved always improves you as an actor. READ: The ‘Outlander’ Men on Auditions and Adaptations. What counsel would you give your younger self. I would be telling myself to work on various skills that I now have that I could’ve had earlier: accent work, horse riding, I was always graceful adept at stage combat. All of the things that count towards your versatility as an actor. I think I have the core set skills for actors: Stratum combat, horse riding. I think I have ice hockey on my CV. I used to play ice hockey when I was younger. I did a lot of martial arts when I was younger. Again, I haven’t inured to it but that’s not to say it won’t come up. . Click here for tips on improving your own résumé. You could audition for a hockey-playing martial artist. [ Laughs ] Ice hockey–playing kickboxer. What opinion would you have for those looking to be actors internationally. That’s not something that intentionally drives me. For me, it was always about doing good work. There’s always great work to be had here in the U. K. It was almost indirectly that I’m on the worldwide scene. If I get an offer to work in the States, then brilliant. But for me, it’s important to focus on doing quality work rather than going to Hollywood. ” That’s such a dedicated ensemble that it’s a bit of an acting masterclass. “House of Cards”—I love Kevin Spacey and. Source:

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    Before Ready 3's premiere on Starz, Rankin discussed his must-watch TV picks and acting for an international audience. What has working on “Outlander” added to your . No one says, “Oh no, I have to be to the quick in 15 minutes for that show that I watch

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  • Kevin O'Brien Decamp: Disturbed, The Last Victim, Watch Them Die

    Pinnacle Books . 2011. ISBN: 9780786028917,0786028912. 256 pages.

    Unreliable The houses in Willow Tree Court are sleek and modern-the kind designed to harbor happy families and laughing children. No one would guestimate the secrets that lurk beyond the neat lawns and beautiful facades. Depraved Molly Dennehy is trying to fit in to her new surroundings, though her neighbors are apparently loyal to her husband's ex-wife. But that's the least of Molly's worries. Her stepson's school has been rocked by a brutal slaying, and a psychopath known as the Cul-de-Sac Dilly is murdering families in Seattle homes. Homes just like Molly's. Disturbed With each passing day, Molly grows more convinced that someone is watching her people, someone consumed with rage and vengeance. On this quiet road, a nightmare has been unleashed, and the trail of terror will lead right to her door. . . Tribute for the Novels of Kevin O'Brien "Deftly woven plot twists. . .the pace of the novel is strong and the story intriguing." –Publishers Weekly on Perverted "Scary! Read this page turner with the lights on!" --Lisa Jackson on Watch Them Die A Killer's Masterpiece At first, Bridget Corrigan's drudgery with her twin brother's senatorial campaign is an exciting distraction from the trauma of her messy divorce. But everything changes when Bridget is reminded of the by stealth she and Brad have been keeping since high school, a secret that could destroy the campaign--and their lives. Someone else knows what they did. Someone who's been picking off the members of their baby group one by one. . . Will Be Painted His job keeps him busy, but he loves every moment of it. Following them, photographing them, and immortalizing them on canvas. He knows exactly how they'll look when the at length breath is drawn, because he has planned out their deaths with perfect precision. And the best is yet to come: Bridget Corrigan. He has very special plans for her portrait--she just doesn't advised of it yet. . . In Cold Blood With every "accident" that befalls the members of her old clique, Bridget feels danger edging closer to where one lives stress. Yet uncovering the truth about the killer would mean revealing what really happened that horrible night years ago. She'll have to find someone to trust--the doubt is, who? Because turning to the wrong person could be the last mistake she ever makes. . . Praise for the Novels of Kevin O'Brien "Another taut page-turner."--Seattle Strut-Intelligencer "O'Brien does what he does best: keeping the suspense at unbelievably high levels." --The Midwest Book Review "Imaginative, grammatically written. . .add this book to your summer reading list." --Times Record News (Wichita Falls, Texas) Other Victims The blonde film student. The brunette paralegal. The red-headed artist. Different Methods The first victim is strangled. The marred is stabbed repeatedly. And the third is pushed out of an open window. Same Madman In the city of Seattle, no single woman is safe. From afar he watches the ones he so desperately wants. Pleased to do whatever it takes to prove his love. But should his latest obsession betray him, he will have no choice but to punish her. By finding new and brutal ways to teach her a deterrent. And by finally loving her--to death. . . Praise For The Novels Of Kevin O'Brien "Imaginative, well written. . .add this book to your summer reading liber veritatis." --Times Record News (Wichita Falls, Texas) "Another fast-paced and gripping read." --The Seattle Stake Intelligencer Includes An Excerpt Of Kevin O'Brien's Newest Thriller Final Breath


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