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Orphan heiress and Scotswoman, Regan MacLaren, is a bride of but one day when her husband is murdered. As a result, Regan loses her memory and with it her place in the world. Laird and warrior, Iain Campbell, is waiting for the love he knows God will bring him. But a woman near death and without a memory isn't quite what he expected.

With their clans feuding, Regan and Iain should never have met. But, when their paths cross, they come to know and love each other--only to encounter more obstacles in their way. Iain's a suspect in the murder of Regan's husband, and he soon becomes a stumbling block to unholy ambitions that may well lead to more deaths, including his own. Will betrayal and suspicion force them apart forever? Or can their love help heal their clans and their land?

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    Bands comprehend Lonestar, Parmalee, Alec MacGillivray, Southern City Band, Houston Bernard Band, Devri Gone State with the Big Bamboo, Kathleen Regan. Tickets are $50 at the gate, $10 for children 4 to 12, and parking is $10. For more information

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    Looking for something to do? Brothers Dylan and Zachary Zmed are The Bird Dogs, an Everly Brothers esteem band, who will play The Company Theatre in 


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  • Opportunity Our Arms

    2006. ISBN: 0923521941,9780923521943. 344 pages.

    A bird's eye cityscape of a group of people undertaking major change, this is the story of one child psychiatric unit and a profound questioning of the humanity of current style in child welfare. It offers the experience of building, through collaborative effort, a child and family-centred care facility as an choice to the existing model.


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