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A Groundbreaking Interpretation of Prayer, Quantum Science, and Prophecy.

Only one document was discovered completely intact among the 25,000 fragments of papyrus, parchment, and hammered copper known as the Dead Sea Scrolls: the Great Isaiah Scroll. Nearly one thousand years older than existing copies of the Old Testament's Book of Isaiah, the twenty-two-foot-long parchment was still rolled and sealed in its original earthen vase when it was discovered in 1946. The completeness of the Isaiah Scroll offers unprecedented insight into the power of an ancient mystery — a lost mode of prayer — that modern science is just beginning to understand. Displayed today in Jerusalem's Shrine of the Book Museum, the Great Isaiah Scroll is believed to be so precious by modern scholars that it's withdrawn into a vault beneath the building's floor in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

In The Isaiah Effect, the dazzling new work from the author of Awakening to Zero Point and Walking Between the Worlds, scientist and visionary Gregg Braden offers a radical departure from traditional interpretations of Isaiah's text. Weaving state-of-the-art research with his extensive knowledge of the ancient Essenes (the creators of the scroll texts), Braden invites us on a journey where science and miracles are merged into a new wisdom — and lead to a startling conclusion. He suggests that Isaiah, the first Old Testament prophet, left precise instructions to the people of the future describing an unconventional mode of prayer.

Using principles recognized only recently in quantum physics, Braden demonstrates how Isaiah's nonreligious, nondenominational form of prayer transcends time and distance to bring healing to our bodies and peace to the nations of our modern world. Review
The Isaiah Effect: Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophesy draws on new discoveries in quantum physics, as well as a variety of spiritual traditions and religious documents--including Tibetan, Mayan, and Hopi prophecies; Nostradamus; and the Dead Sea Scrolls. From these sources, author Gregg Braden believes that he has recovered "a lost science with the power to bring a lasting end to all war, disease, and suffering; initiate an unprecedented era of peace and cooperation between governments and nations; render destructive patterns of weather harmless; bring lasting healing to our bodies; and redefine ancient prophecies of devastation and catastrophic loss of life." Mass prayer is the technique that will allow all of these goals to be achieved, Braden says: "the choice of many people, focused in a specific manner, has a direct and measurable effect on our quality of life." The book includes careful readings of ancient texts, prophetic pronouncements, and mini-travelogues (Braden leads groups to visit sacred sites around the world), and its arguments may strike some readers as far-fetched. But Braden's basic idea--that hope can change the world in concrete ways--is a very good one.
Ted Hearne: Katrina Ballads

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Ted Hearne: Katrina Ballads
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Katrina Ballads is a collection of songs inspired by the tragic events surrounding Hurricane Katrina. Scored
for five singers and 11 instrumentalists, the piece uses entirely primary-source texts to paint a rich musical portrait of that devastating and telling week in September 2005. The text-setting includes the words of
Barbara Bush, Dennis Hastert, Mary Landrieu, Kanye West, Anderson Cooper, and George W. Bush's
emblematic 'Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job,' as well as testimonies from survivors and relief workers. With this provocative and poignant material, New York composer Ted Hearne creates a cutting edge musical experience and a vivid look into America's darkest hours. The music is rhythmic, theatrical, and American to the core, possessing an edgy post-minimalist drive and a deep jazz influence. It is a moving experience, challenging us to remember and reflect upon our own history.

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  • The War Between the Two Beasts and the Two Witnesses

    Bloomsbury Publishing. 2005. ISBN: 9780567132017,0567132013. 352 pages.

    Siew seeks to examine the events that will unfold within the three and a half years before the dawn of the kingdom of God on earth. He argues that John composed the textual unit of Rev 11:1--14:5 as a coherent and unified literary unit structured in a macro-chiasm. He pays special attention to the fusion of form and content and seeks to elucidate how the concentric and chiastic pattern informs the meaning of the literary units within 11:1--14:5, and proposes that the text of 11:1--14:5 is best analyzed using Hebraic literary conventions, devices, and compositional techniques such as chiasm, parallelism, parataxis, and structural parallelism. The macro-chiastic pattern provides the literary-structural framework for John to portray that the events of the last three and a half years unfold on earth as a result of what transpires in heaven. Specifically, the war in heaven between Michael and the dragon has earthly ramifications. The outcome of the heavenly war where Satan is defeated and thrown out of heaven to earth results in the war on earth between the two beasts of Rev 13 and the two witnesses of Rev 11. The narrative of the war in heaven (12:7-12) is seen as the pivot of the macro-chiastic structure. Siew pays close attention to the time-period of the three-and-a-half years as a temporal and structural marker which functions to unite the various units in 11:1--14:5 into a coherent and integral whole. The events of the last days will be centred in Jerusalem.


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