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Product Description
Updated and revised for a new generation of couples, David Bach's classic money guide teaches couples how to build stable financial wealth that lasts.

David Bach, nationally renowned financial advisor and author of the bestselling Smart Women Finish Rich, knows that it doesn't have to be this way. After years of first-hand experience working with couples young and old, David Bach reveals that through communication and partnership, planning your finances together can be both fun and easy when you have the right tools.

In Smart Couples Finish Rich, Expanded and Updated, David Bach offers couples a step-by-step guide to building and maintaining financial wealth that has been tailored to fit our current economy, but will last for years to come. Instead of avoiding each other when it comes time to balance the checkbook, you and your partner will learn how to come together and identify your core values and dreams, creating a spending and saving plan that reflects your values as a couple. Packed with easy-to-use tools that will take you from credit-card management to long-term care, each chapter will guide you and your partner as a team toward a more rewarding financial plan based on the same overall financial objectives.

The Smart Couples Finish Rich nine-step journey provides every couple with strategies for organization, communication, and smarter spending that you can put into action immediately. This journey reveals:
* The Couples' Latte Factor -- how to build a million-dollar portfolio on $3.50 a day
* How to talk to your partner about money without fighting
* How to increase your income by 10 percent in nine weeks
* The FinishRich File Folder System -- giving yourself a financial clean-up
* The 10 biggest mistakes couples can make

A book for couples of all ages and all tax brackets, Smart Couples Finish Rich is the ultimate guide for creating a lifetime of wealth--both personal and financial.
Product Description
With hundreds of thousands copies in print around the world, Smart Women Finish Rich, by renowned financial advisor David Bach, has shown women of all ages and backgrounds how to take control of their financial future and finish rich. Whether you’re working with a few dollars a week or a significant inheritance, Bach’s nine-step program gives you tools for spending wisely, establishing security, and aligning money with your values. Plus, in this completely revised and updated edition, David Bach includes critical new long-term investment advice, information on teaching your kids about money, Internet resources, and new ways to attract greater wealth–personal and financial–into your life.

David Rich master class with ab drums

Jazz improvisation masterclass with the legendary drums teacher David rich. Rich is wel.

Jayne Houdyshell stars in Larry David's 'Fish in the Dark' on Broadway -

New York - "The main thing that I've wanted is to never get pigeonholed," says Jayne Houdyshell from her dressing room at the Cort Theatre. Recent Broadway seasons have seen her belting out "Broadway Baby" in Sondheim's musical "Follies" and providing comic relief as The Nurse in "Romeo and Juliet. Before that, she appeared in "Well" by Lisa Kron, an intimate drama in which she played a chronically ill woman, and as Madame Morrible in "Wicked," Mae Peterson in "Bye Bye Birdie," and Miss Prism in "The Importance of Being Earnest. " She received a Career Achievement Drama Desk Award in 2013. The versatile actress, who is known for bringing vitality and a deep, fully inhabited quality to the characters she plays, now lends her talents to the new comedy "Fish in the Dark,"... "What drew me to the play first and foremost is it's funny - really funny," Houdyshell says. "Like all of Larry's work I'd say that a lot of his humor is somewhat off-center and sometimes whimsical, sometimes slightly subversive and always interesting. Although details of the play are being kept quiet, loosely, it deals with a death in the family and the way that that affects family dynamics. Houdyshell plays David's character's mother. "He's really a delight to be in the room with and so very smart," she says of the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Seinfeld" creator, who can appear caustic onscreen. He's very down to earth and really wonderful to be with and work with. Before becoming a mainstay of the New York stage, Houdyshell had been a working actor for 25 years, taking on some of the greatest roles in classics and contemporary standards in the repertoire. ," Linda Loman in "Death of a Salesman," and Lady Bracknell in "The Importance of Being Earnest," - not to mention the title role in "Hello, Dolly. "All of my work in regional theater has developed me as an actor, and helped me be ready to do any kind of work at this point," she says. "It was instrumental in my becoming a craftsperson and learning how to play a wide range of parts and a wide range of styles and different periods of plays. all of that is applicable to doing new work as well. Houdyshell knew from the start that she wanted to be an actor because of "the possibility of stepping into the shoes of many different kinds of people," and she wanted to start as soon as possible. "I wasn't really cut out to come to New York and aspire and wait tables and do showcases and be in class and all of that while you were waiting for some sort of break. Source:

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  • Jayne Houdyshell stars in Larry David's 'Fish in the Dark' on Broadway

    02/15/15 ,via

    The versatile actress, who is known for bringing vitality and a deep, fully inhabited quality to the characters she plays, now lends her talents to the new comedy "Fish in the Dark," written by and starring Larry David in his Broadway debut. "What drew

  • High street banking giant HSBC makes humiliating public apology over role in ...

    02/15/15 ,via Daily Mail

    'The treatment of small people and poor people is very severe, but the big fish -- the companies and rich individuals -- are not being treated as seriously,' Cable said. 'That is wrong and it (Additional reporting by Sinead Cruise; Editing by David


@HBO @davidduchovny @RobertKenner @zannymb @baratunde @billmaher - Just watched on my DVR. David was great. I'm now a lazy vegatarian! 02/15/15, @Jerzy_Rich
RT @Jason_Spacey: David Cameron is tackling growing concerns about the tax avoidance of the rich by announcing a review of the sickness ben… 02/15/15, @hayley_neville
David Cameron’s one law for the rich | @nickcohen4 via @spectator_ch>tory party controlled by cabal of its enemies? 02/15/15, @fionamcke


  • Awesome Rich Shrimp Stock

    bay leaves, black pepper, carrot, celery, chives, fennel seed, garlic, olive oil, oregano, parsley, red onions, shrimp, thyme, tomato paste, water


  • Caravan of Thieves

    Penguin. 2012. ISBN: 9781101590911,1101590912. 368 pages.

    Like his con artist father, Rollie Waters knows all the angles, and he’s never fewer than two steps ahead of trouble. But unlike his father, Rollie is not a criminal. Only when he’s working undercover for the Marines, inhabiting a false identity, is Rollie comfortable in his own skin. But after he’s yanked out of his latest assignment and tossed into the brig, he’s not that surprised to hear that a lot of government money has gone missing and the officials think Rollie’s father took it. The only way to find Dan Waters is to trace the frail tendrils of truth scattered among Rollie’s childhood memories. To do that, he’ll have to go deep into the undercover identity of a lifetime—his own.

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  • What Our Diet Is Doing To Our Brains -- And Other Arguments From 'The Zone'

    02/15/15 ,via Forbes

    Industrialized beef, chicken, and pork products are also rich in omega-6 fatty acids as they also drive ... then I would recommend going to You can find David DiSalvo on Twitter @neuronarrative and at his website

  • Sunday Mail Opinion: The rich get richer while the poor get poorer? It really doesn't have to be this way

    02/15/15 ,via Daily Record

    A bit like David Cameron and George Osborne but not as posh ... That we should just shrug and whistle a happy tune as the stinking rich get richer, as they slide their fortunes offshore while keeping up their relentless patter about how it really, truly ...

  • David Cameron’s one law for the rich shows he doesn’t understand the British

    02/14/15 ,via The Spectator

    The great historian of the Soviet Union Robert Conquest’s Third Law of Politics reads: ‘The simplest way to explain the behaviour of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies.’ I have tested Conquest ...


- David Rich : painter

These paintings are rooted in the physicality and open intervals of urban landscape, and in the disjunctive spaces of everyday life. Densely layered and decisively ...

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