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Three episodes from the popular animation series comprise this video: the fun "Touchdown Tommy," the spooky "Monster in the Garage," and "Let There Be Light," a Rugrats-style inquiry into the question of where light goes at night. This hopping show also includes two visits from a superhero, "Inside-Out Boy." As always, the stars are 1-year-old Tommy Pickles and his baby friends, who become mysteriously talkative when there are no adults around. --Tom Keogh
The delightful twins Phil and Lil are the stars of "Baby Commercial," in which they think they are ideally suited for roles in a television commercial--but the director might think otherwise. There's more Phil and Lil in "Twin's Pique," in which the duo decide to delineate their personalities more by inventing them. These supporting players in the Rugrats phenomenon deserve this release to themselves. --Tom Keogh

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  • Most of Us Have Heard Her Voice in 'Rugrats', But Not Many Know of Her Inspirational True Story

    11/30/15 ,via

    Dionne Quan wanted to be an actor from as young as she can remember. When she was younger, she'd get lost in her imagination and put on a range of voices for her childhood toys. She loved to sing. When her father heard an advert for an acting teacher 

  • 25 Years Of 'Rugrats': 25 Fun Facts About Our Favorite Cartoon Babies

    08/15/16 ,via

    Dionne Quan, Kimi's Voice Actress, Is Legally Blind. Special braille versions of the scripts needed to be made for her. She was also the youngest member of the Rugrats voice cast, landing the role of Kimi at age 19.


RT @tarastrong: #ThrowbackThursday #rugrats signing with @RealEGDaily @JuliaKato & beautiful, talented, inspiring, blind Dionne Quan http:/… 10/05/16, @iZombieChips



  • What Is Braille?

    Enslow Publishers, Inc.. 2016. ISBN: 0766037703,9780766037700. 48 pages.

    "Discusses the history of Braille and how the blind community uses it in everyday life"--


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