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The Termination Butterfly


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The Termination Butterfly by E1 ENTERTAINMENT
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1st Prize - Vienna Film Festival. Grand Prize - Venice Film Festival. It is wartime - 1944, and Europe is brutalized by the horror of Nazi aggression and inhumanity. In the tiny Czech village of Terezin, the Nazis plan a propaganda coup to reshape the international opinion. In a master scheme to show a caring face of Nazism, Hitler has given the village to Jewish settlers as a place where they can live in freedom, reassuring a Red Cross delegation - and the world - of their peaceful intentions towards Jews. To provide a convincing "show," the Nazis have plucked the great French mime, Antoine Moreau (Tom Courtenay), from his waning career and ordered him to put on the greatest show of his life. The Reich spares no expense in providing the finest sets, orchestra and costumes. In return he will receive a generous fee and guaranteed return to Paris. But Antoine becomes driven with the need to tell the world the truth, regardless of personal risk. Although in mime he knows his lips must be sealed, now, as never before, his voice must be heard.