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Why Collection?: How to Tie More than Sixty Ingenious, Useful, Beautiful, Lifesaving, and Secure Knots!


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Why Collection?: How to Tie More than Sixty Ingenious, Useful, Beautiful, Lifesaving, and Secure Knots! by Philippe Petit

  • 350 color illustrations and photographs
  • 250 pages
  • 5.5" x 7"

Product Description
On August 7, 1974, Philippe Petit stepped out on a wire illegally rigged between the New York World Trade Center’s twin towers, where he performed for nearly an hour. The death-defiying event has been the subect of two major films, the documentary Man on Wire (2008) and The Walk (2015) staring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. During this history-making walk, and many others throughout his celebrated career, knots have always been indispensable components—the guardian angels protecting his life in the sky.

After years of hands-on research, Philippe presents Why Knot?, a guide to tying his essential knots. Philippe’s own practical sketches illustrate original methods and clear, clever tying instructions. Photographs in which special knots were used during spectacular high-wire walks, quirky knot trivia, personal anecdotes, helpful tips, magic tricks, and special tying challenges ensure that, if you’re not already nuts for knots, Petit will transform you into a knot aficionado.
Product Description
An artist of the air re-creates his six-year plot to pull off an act of incomparable beauty and imagination

One late-summer day, a feat of unimaginable audacity was perpetrated on the twin towers of the World Trade Center. The year was 1974. A hundred thousand people gathered on the ground to watch in awe as twenty-four-year-old high wire artist Philippe Petit made eight crossings between the all-but-completed towers, a quarter mile above the earth, over the course of nearly an hour.

Petit's achievement made headlines around the world. Yet few who saw or heard about it realized that it was the fulfillment of a dream he had nurtured for six years, rekindling it each time it was in danger of expiring. His accomplices were a motley crew of foreigners and Americans, who under Petit's direction had conpired, connived, labored, argued, rehearsed, and improvised to make possible an act of unsurpassed aerial artistry.

In this visually and verbally stunning book, Petit tells for the first time the dramatic story of this history-making walk, from conception and clandestine planning to the performance and its aftermath. The account draws on Petit's journals, which capture everything from his budgets to his strategies for rigging a high wire in the dead of night between two of the most secure towers in the world. It is animated by photographs taken by two of Petit's collaborators, and by his own wonderfully evocative sketches and unquenchable humor.

January/February 2016

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    The biographical drama The Walk (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, rated PG-13, $34.98, 123 minutes) now arrives on Blu-ray to showcase the antics of legendary high-wire artist Philippe Petit and his attempt to stroll between the World Trade Center 

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    In 1968, Philippe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) a struggling juggler, mime, magician and trapeze artist decided to elevate his game, literally, by stringing his tightrope between the tops of the Twin Towers. The World Trade Center was yet to be erected


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  • Paroxysm

    Verso. 1998. ISBN: 1859848443,9781859848449. 120 pages.

    Jean Baudrillard is one of the most controversial and stimulating figures in contemporary philosophy and cultural criticism. Whether embraced or reviled for his reflections on 'hyperreality', he never fails to evoke strong reactions. Yet, all too often, discussion of Baudrillard's ideas takes place at one remove, with much imputed to him. It is sometimes claimed that his writing is too abstract or obscure to analyse rigorously. The Indifferent Paroxyst offers the reader a new way to approach Baudrillard's ideas through the use of the interview format. Closely questioned by French journalist Philippe Petit, Baudrillard covers a vast range of topics, including Fukuyama; 1989 and the collapse of Communism; Bosnia, the Gulf War, Rwanda and the New World Order; globalisation and universalisation; the return of ethnic nationalisms; the nature of war; revisionism and Holocaust denial; Deleuze, Foucault, Bataille and Virilio; nihilism and the apocalyptic; the practice of writing; virtual reality; the West and the East; the culture of victimhood and repentance; human rights and citizenship; French intellectuals and engagement; the nature of capitalism today; consumer society and social exclusion; liberation; death, violence and necrophilia; reality, illusion and the media; and destabilisation of all aspects of life, including sexuality. Baudrillard's answers--which span politics, philosophy and culture--are concise, witty and trenchant, and they serve both as an accessible introduction to his ideas for the newcomer and as a fascinating clarification of recent positions for the connoisseur.

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Philippe Petit (French pronunciation: [filip pəti]; born 13 August 1949) is a French high-wire artist who gained fame for his high-wire walk between the Twin Towers ...

Philippe Petit

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Visit to learn about Philippe Petit, the world's most famous high-wire walker.

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Philippe Petit (Nemours, Sena y Marne, Francia; 13 de agosto de 1949) es un funámbulo francés famoso por su paseo en una cuerda floja entre las Torres Gemelas de ...

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Philippe Petit

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Philippe Petit - Artist -

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Philippe Petit at the World Trade Center - Interiorator