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11x14' Lobby Card Featuring Dirk Bogarde holding the hand of Muriel Pavlow with Donald Sinden.
Old-fashioned photo of Portrait of Muriel Pavlow.
Old-fashioned photo of Portrait of Muriel Pavlow.

  • Delivered in rigid mailer w/ Do not bend sticker
  • Original prints from swedish photo archives
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Size Size of photo 6.5" x 4.7"  
Tom Blau

Muriel Pavlow is a British actress. Her mother was French and her father was Russian. She began work as a child actress with John Gielgud and the Royal Shakespeare Company. During the war, she was in ENSA and also made the crossover from theatre to screen., id:37702
This photograph originates from the International Magazine Services photo archive. IMS was a editorial photo archive in Scandinavia founded in 1948 but evolved from older archives that have images in the collection also. The archive is in great condition and been in storage for a long time and the images in the collection are now being sold off one by one. The images in this archive where distributed in only 10-15 copies around the world at the time and many copies have been lost or damaged during time, each copy from the collection is therefore very rare and unique. This kind of rare images are not only a great thing to own but also a great investment. Own a piece of history with this great photography memorabilia. By purchasing a photo from IMXPIX Images, copyright does not transfer. We are selling these photos as collectibles only and no copyright is implied. Detected: OCR:

CLASSIC or ANTIQUE: Reach for the Sky (1956)

I am about ready to begin my annual War Genre Tournament. This year's competition is to determine the best dogfighting film. Because of the parameters of the contest, some air combat movies did not make the field. I got some great suggestions and "Reach for the Sky" was one of them. It did not make the cut because it does not have much dogfighting and it is more of a biopic. I have decided to give it its due by reviewing it to lead into the tournament. “Reach for the Sky” is a biopic about the legendary Battle of Britain hero Douglas Bader. The movie was a huge hit in Great Britain. It won the BAFTA for Best British Film and was the biggest box office hit of 1956. Ut was the biggest hit in the U. K. since “Gone with the Wind” in 1939. It did not do well in the States. The producers were well aware of the iconic status of Bader so they went out of their way to preempt criticism of the historical accuracy of the movie. The movie begins with a disclaimer: “For dramatic purposes, it has been necessary…to transpose in time certain events…and also to re-shape some of the characters…. The film opens in 1928 with Bader (Kenneth More) volunteering for the Royal Air Force. Bader is not a model student. He continues that talent in the subsequent years. Eleven years after joining the RAF, he is taunted into showing off and ends up in a horrific crash. Both of his legs are amputated. He is fitted with prosthetic legs and determines to return to flying. He meets a girl named Thelma (Muriel Pavlow). The RAF turns him down because there is nothing in the regulations that cover his disability. Can’t a guy get a war up in this place. World War II was not just a second chance for Hitler. Not only does Bader get back into the service (because the British were so desperate they put legless men in cockpits), but he is given a squadron of surly Canadians to whip into shape. That’s right, the war was going so badly that Canadians were being dicks about it. When the Canadians complain about their lack of success, Bader is like “hello, no legs here. ” Bader cracks the whip, shows his aeroability, and earns their respect. He becomes an ace during the Battle of Britain, but later is forced to parachute over France and taken captive. I was a bit surprised that unlike many biopics, “Reach for the Sky” sticks to the basic facts of Bader’s military career. The movie hits the highlights, but is not interested in digging deep. Bader’s support for. Source: The War Movie Buff

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    Some women were too. Kay Kendall, soon to appear in Muriel's film Simon and Laura, would say that it had felt "strange and uncomfortable" to be directed by Box; Muriel Pavlow, her co-star, insisted "I respond better to a male director". The other thing


Malta Story by Alec Guinness, Jack Hawkins, Anthony Steel, Muriel Pavlow, Renee 06/11/15, @sauttotarsicio
ADB-391 CGC Photo DIRK BOGARDE, MURIEL PAVLOW 06/11/15, @namuncuraarias4


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  • Bruce Montgomery/Edmund Crispin

    Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.. 2015. ISBN: 0754634434,9780754634430. 314 pages.

    Under his real name, Bruce Montgomery (1921-1978) wrote concert music and the scores for almost 50 feature films, including some of the most enduring British comedies of the twentieth century. In this first biography of Montgomery, David Whittle draws on interviews with people who knew the writer and composer. These interviews, together with in-depth research, provide great insight into the development of Montgomery as a crime fiction writer and as a composer in the ever-demanding world of films.

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  • Screenwriters Club

    05/29/15 ,via Yahoo!

    Screenwriters Club. Mayfair, London. L/S of crowds gathered outside a ... M/S Jack Davies. M/S Derek Farr and wife Muriel Pavlow. M/S Diana Morgan, C/U Denison, M/S of the Farrs. M/S as Ronald Reagan enters the club and signs the register.

  • The Malta Story

    12/19/14 ,via MTV

    Filmed on location, The Malta Story boasts some exceptional aerial photography, not to mention excellent performances from Guiness, Hawkins, Anthony Steele, Muriel Pavlow, Flora Robson and the rest of the stellar cast. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Three Films Arrive; ' Malta Story,' a British Import, at the Guild Ladd Stars in 'Hell Below Zero' at Globe

    07/17/14 ,via New York Times

    ALTHOUGH the glorious roles played by both the military and civilian populations of Malta during the terrible, dark days of 1942 obviously is the stuff of which movies should be made, "Malta Story," the ... dispassionately by Muriel Pavlow, is a detached ...


Muriel Pavlow - IMDb

Muriel Pavlow, Actress: Reach for the Sky. Lovely, delicate-looking actress Muriel Pavlow belongs firmly to the British cinema of the 1950s and often provided a nice ...

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Muriel Lilian Pavlow (born 27 June 1921) is a British actress. Her mother was French and her father was Russian.

Muriel Pavlow - Biography - IMDb

Lovely, delicate-looking actress Muriel Pavlow belongs firmly to the British cinema of the 1950s and often provided a nice counterbalance to the hectic goings-on in ...

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Muriel Pavlow. 657 likes · 5 talking about this. The Unofficial Appreciation Page for lovely English actress Muriel Pavlow

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