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<p>Michael Palin Collection, The (DVD)</p><p>Michael Palin ex-Python turned intrepid explorer has explored nearly every inch of our extraordinary world. Michael and his team have embarked on many audacious journeys and none have gone off 100% as planned, each came with new hurdles and dilemmas. In his friendly, humorous and charming way, Michael has brought viewers unique cultures and rich, deep histories from some of the least explored regions of the world. Now all his adventures are together in one complete collection. Travel the world with Michael Palin!</p>
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The amazingly insightful, funny and brilliant record of Michael Palin's prime years as a member of the famed comedic group, Monty Python.

Michael Palin has kept a diary since newly married in the late 1960s. This volume of his diaries reveals how Python emerged and triumphed, how he, John Cleese, Graham Chapman, the two Terrys---Jones and Gilliam---and Eric Idle came together and changed the face of British comedy.

But this is but only part of Palin's story. Here is his growing family, his home in a north London Victorian terrace, which grows as he buys the house next door and then a second at the bottom of the garden; here, too, is his solo effort---as an actor, in Three Men in a Boat, his writing endeavours (often in partnership with Terry Jones) that produces Ripping Yarns and even a pantomime.

Meanwhile Monty Python refuses to go away: the hugely successful movies that follow the TV (his account of the making of both The Holy Grail and the Life of Brian movies are page-turners), the at times extraordinary goings-on of the many powerful personalities who coalesced to form the Python team, the fight to prevent an American TV network from bleeping out the best jokes on U.S. transmission, and much more---all this makes for funny and riveting reading.

The birth and childhood of his three children, his father's growing disability, learning to cope as a young man with celebrity, his friendship with George Harrison, and all the trials of a peripatetic life are also essential ingredients of these diaries. A perceptive and funny chronicle, the diaries are a rich portrait of a fascinating period.

"A wealth of fascinating stuff about Monty Python."
---The Independent (UK)

Michael Palin donates 22 years' quality of notebooks to British Library - The Guardian

Now, more than 50 notebooks of aboriginal sketches and ideas for Monty Python have been donated to the British Library by Michael Palin. The public will now be able to freely peruse Palin’s archive of writings from 1965 to 1987, including the books where he and Terry Jones would notation the early sketches for Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Ideas for characters that have become household names, from Arthur “two sheds” Jackson to Mr Gambolputty, can be seen scribbled down in the lined pages, alongside doodles and mug ideas for sketches that would eventually become some of the most... The vast archive donated by Palin also includes draft episodes of Monty Python’s Flying Circus – the antique sketch show that launched their careers – personal reflections on his own writing, Monty Python’s first job offer from the BBC, as well as... “I sympathy I should go to a smaller library, maybe my local library, to see if they wanted it. ”. He added: “My work has been inspired by, and created in, this mother country, so I’m very pleased that my archive has been accepted by the British Library,... Rachel Foss, the British Library’s precede of contemporary archives and manuscripts, said it was delighted to have the extensive archive as part of the collection, and said it complemented other up to date donations by British writers such as Joan... “Monty Python has had an unparalleled influence on British comedy,” she said. “it’s altogether subversive and very self-consciously literary, so it fits in interestingly with the library’s literary collection. Foss said the casual to see how some of the most beloved comedy sketches and quotes had come into being, often revised and perfected again and again by Palin and his fellow Monty Python comedians, was a rare franchise. “The sketches we see written in the Python notebooks are ones that we know so well and have been immortalised, but here you can see the stuttering and the false starts and the refining and perfecting, so you can as a matter of fact see the craftsman at work,”... While he made his name as part of Monty Python, Palin’s career has extended well beyond their surreal sketch comedy, and films such as Blessed Grail and Life of Brian, and his donation to the British Library. Source:

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  • Michael Palin donates 22 years' value of notebooks to British Library

    06/13/17 ,via The Guardian

    Now, more than 50 notebooks of primeval sketches and ideas for Monty Python have been donated to the British Library by Michael Palin. The public will now be able to freely inspect Palin's archive of writings from 1965 to 1987, including the books where

  • Michael Palin donates archive including Monty Python notebooks to British Library

    06/13/17 ,via

    The archive spans the author, actor, comedian and TV presenter's literary and creative life for more than 20 years, from 1965 to 1987. The “Python notebooks” have the capacity for drafts, working material and personal reflections relating to Palin's writing as part


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Michael Palin donates 22 years' usefulness of notebooks to British Library 06/16/17, @clydeleesmith
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  • Michael Lewis&#039;s Cassoulet de Canard

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  • All over To Pole

    Hachette UK. 2010. ISBN: 9780297863588,0297863584. 304 pages.

    No.1 bestseller Michael Palin's epic junket from the North Pole to the South Pole. 'The cracked and fissured ice-pack offers no comfortable reassurance - no glimmer of any reward to the traveller who has made his way to the top of the area. The Arctic Ocean, known to the Victorians as the Sea of Ancient Ice, stares balefully back as we descend towards it, reflecting nothing but the question: Why?' Michael Palin's adventure begins when he is enrolled in the August and Ancient Polar Bear Society... Travelling by train, truck, raft, Ski-Doo, barge, balloon and bicycle, Michael Palin experiences every weird the world has to offer. Braving the cold grip of the Arctic Circle, and the swirling snowstorms of Spitsbergen, Palin has to cope with friendly locals, extra gunfire and his own unruly digestive system before he can finally stand in Scott's shoes at the South Pole, in the Land of the Midnight Sun.


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Michael Palin: Algemene informatie: Geboren: Sheffield , 5 mei 1943: Nationaliteit Verenigd Koninkrijk: Beroep: acteur, wereldreiziger en komiek: Bekend van

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Michael Edward Palin meglio noto come Michael Palin (Broomhill, 5 maggio 1943) è un attore, comico, scrittore, presentatore televisivo e sceneggiatore britannico ...