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Comedy Actresses: Martha Plimpton on her Twitter War with Lee Aronsohn

'Raising Hope star Martha Plimpton addresses her Twitter feud with former 'Two and Half Men' writer Lee Aronsohn.

  • blue

    How old was Martha Plimpton and River Phoenix when they first started going out and how long did they date for?

    Serious answers please.

    I think they started dating around the time they made Mosquito Coast (so circa late 85/86) up until around 1989. I've always hated her because of the whole River thing, lol. But since Raising...

  • Shah K

    Can you name top ten Celebrities who were born out of wed lock?

    Illegitimate birth rates said to have risen to around 30 % or so. What impact this is having on laws of inheritance and social and political life?

    Oprah Winfrey Martha Plimpton (actress and daughter of Keith Carradine)

Martha Plimpton · The A.V. Club

Welcome to Random Roles , wherein we talk to actors about the characters who defined their careers. The actor: Martha Plimpton comes from a prolific acting family—her grandfather was John Carradine, and her parents, Keith Carradine and Shelley Plimpton, were both part of the original. Source: The A.V. Club - Daily

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  • 'Raising Hope' is worth seeking out

    12/08/13 ,via Detroit Free Press

    Your attempt to hide “Raising Hope” by moving it to 9 p.m. Fridays hasn't diminished the joy of watching the quirky sitcom's secret weapon: Martha Plimpton and Garret Dillahunt as blue-collar free spirits Virginia and Burt Chance. Whether they're

  • Tune in Tonight: Live long and prosper, anyone?

    01/03/14 ,via Kankakee Daily Journal

    A young cast of up-and-comers (Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Jeff Cohen, Corey Feldman, Kerri Green and Martha Plimpton) portrays kids in search of treasure in the 1985 adventure "The Goonies" (6 p.m., ABC Family). • As fans of Lifetime movies surely know, 


I'm the Martha plimpton goonie. "I feel like I'm babysitting but i'm not getting paid" 01/03/14, @Jikankun
@jikankun When I was a little rabbit I had a crush on Martha Plimpton in the Goonies. hehehe 01/03/14, @Rav_Bunneh



  • Martha Plimpton

    Book on Demand Limited. 2012. ISBN: 5511057479,9785511057477. 98 pages.

    High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Martha Campbell Plimpton (born November 16, 1970) is an American actress and singer and former model. Plimpton is a screen, stage and television actress. She first appeared as Jonsy in the feature film River Rats (1984) before rising to prominence in the Richard Donner film The Goonies (1985) portraying the character Stef. She then appeared in The Mosquito Coast (1986) portraying Emily Spellgood. Plimpton's role garnered her further success within the feature film industry. Throughout her career Plimpton has appeared in many feature films including critically successful films Running on Empty (1988), Parenthood (1989), Eye of God (1997), The Sleepy Time Gal (2001), Hair High (2004) and Small Town Murder Songs (2011).

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  • Martha Plimpton calls Rick Santorum ‘literally the world’s biggest douche b’

    12/07/13 ,via

    What has “A is for…” co-founder Martha Plimpton upset this time? It’s a piece in Slate recapping Rick Santorum’s appearance on “The O’Reilly Factor,” where he compared Nelson Mandela’s struggle against apartheid to the GOP’s struggle to ...

  • Martha Plimpton Cleans House For 'Raising Hope' Contest

    03/13/13 ,via The Huffington Post

    TAMPA, Fla. — Emmy winning actor Martha Plimpton – who plays a no-nonsense housekeeper on the hit TV comedy "Raising Hope" – got her hands dirty at a Tampa home Tuesday, doing laundry and scrubbing the family's tub. Plimpton and co-star ...

  • Parade Rewind with Martha Plimpton: Raising Hope, School Days, and Her Early Acting Inspirations

    11/21/13 ,via Parade

    Have you gone to your dad for acting advice? “My father and I really give too much advice about stuff. I grew up in New York; my father lived here in California. We had kind of very separate lives ... There’s not a whole lot of really advice giving.”


Martha Plimpton - IMDb

Martha Plimpton, Actress: Raising Hope. She has show biz in her blood. Martha Plimpton was born November 16, 1970, in New York City to two actors: Keith Carradine and ...

Martha Plimpton

Martha Plimpton. AKA Martha Campbell Plimpton. Born: 16-Nov-1970 Birthplace: New York City. Gender: Female Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight

Martha Plimpton -

Martha Plimpton biography, pictures, credits,quotes and more... Actress and singer Martha Plimpton is the daughter of the daughter ...

Martha Plimpton on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more ...

Martha Plimpton photos, including production stills, premiere photos and other event photos, publicity photos, behind-the-scenes, and more.

Martha Plimpton | Chickipedia

Martha Plimpton | Chickipedia

Martha Plimpton - High quality image size 2000x3000 of Martha Plimpton ...

Martha Plimpton - High quality image size 2000x3000 of Martha Plimpton ...

Martha Plimpton Net Worth | Celebrity Net Worth

Martha Plimpton Net Worth | Celebrity Net Worth

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