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Lukinykh N. - Lev Prygunov.. Publisher: Kinotsentr, Place: Moscow, Year: 1989 yr., Pages: 56 pp.,foto ills. . Paperback

The Saint (1997, Phillip Noyce)

The Saint is a delightful mess of a film. Director Noyce toggles between doing a Bond knock-off while a romantic adventure picture. Val Kilmer’s international, high-tech cat burglar falls for one of his marks, Elisabeth Shue’s genius scientist. Jonathan Hensleigh and Wesley Strick’s script, even when it puts Shue in distress, never actually treats her like a damsel. She’s in her own movie, one where she’s this genius scientist and she falls for the international, high-tech cat burglar who rips off her science thing. It’s not just any science thing, The Saint is from the late nineties, so it’s cold fusion. So Shue gets to play this oddball scientist, full of eccentric behavior, only somewhat contained. Shue’s so excited by her adventure in the film–she’s so full of energy during the extended chase sequence in the second act, it’s almost like Kilmer has to hold her back. He gets to do makeup and voices, but he doesn’t have the thrill for it. She does. I mean, it’s the thing Noyce never lets get screwed up–the romance. And the comedy, though the comedy is an afterthought for too much of the film. It probably would’ve been better to embrace it a lot earlier but there’s all the Bond knocking off to do. And it’s fine international chase and action intrigue. It’s a fine Bond knock-off. The film’s enamored with Shue. Kilmer can easily handle this international thief thing. The tough stuff is the accents and stage makeup and he excels at it. But the weight of the film’s conceit falls on Shue. She has to be a genius, she has to be a practical slapstick romantic interest, she has to be the damsel in distress. Noyce and Kilmer just have to catch up with her. Graeme Revell’s music is sometimes really good, sometimes really not. Again, he never screws it up for the romance. Serbedzija and Kilmer only get a couple scenes together but they’re fantastic ones. And Nikolaev, as Serbedzija’s son and chief thug, doesn’t get many lines, he just gets to be mean. He’s excellent at it. I’ve been putting off watching The Saint again for at least a decade. It’s a really special film. It’s not a success because it’s way too confused as a production, but Noyce sees what Shue and Kilmer are doing and he throws in with them, concept be damned. And Shue is amazing. Kilmer’s got some really outstanding moments and he’s real strong doing this intentionally ill-defined lead, but Shue is better. Source: The Stop Button

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    Svetlana Gannushkina and Sergei Kovalev, writers Boris Akunin, Andrey Bitov, Vladimir Voynovich and Viktor Yerofeyev, actors Liya Ahedzhakova, Mikhail Efremov, Lev Prygunov and Aleksandr Filippenko, singer and rock musician Andrei Makarevich, 

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    Сегодня юбилей у человека многогранных талантов – актера, художника, поэта Льва Прыгунова. Артист, который снялся в более чем ста картинах, сегодня фильмы не смотрит – ни свои, ни чужие. Сегодня он пишет картины и стихи. К 75-летию 


  • Centaur

    Rowman & Littlefield. 2002. ISBN: 0742520587,9780742520585. 353 pages.

    Preserving art, freedom, and human dignity in the age of the totalitarian state was one of the great challenges of the twentieth century. In Centaur, Slavic scholar Albert Leong chronicles the life and work of the greatest living Russian sculptor and philosopher of art, Ernst Neizvestny, who survived the Soviet police state to become a folk hero to his people. Based on extensive research in the formerly closed Soviet archives and exclusive interviews with Neizvestny and his family and friends, Centaur tells the amazing story of a visionary artist and World War II commando officer who narrowly escaped death on the battlefield and successfully defied Stalin, Kruschev, Brezhnev, and the KGB to create acclaimed works of monumental art. Forced into exile in the West in 1976, Neizvestny returned in triumph to Russia in 1989 to design the first monuments to the countless victims of Stalinist political repression. Supplemented by seventy-five photographs, Centaur will engross specialists and general readers interested in biography, cultural history, art, architecture, politics, and Russian/Soviet studies.

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    THE clue to the sort of picture "Italiano Brava Gente" ("Italians Are Nice People") is comes in ... to sing and later is executed as a hostage when Mr. Falk does not return. Lev Prygunov (apparently a Russian) is the Italian lad who tries to aid the ...

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  • Kazakh Poet Nominated for Poet of Year in Russia

    04/29/15 ,via

    In total, 800,000 poets submitted their works for consideration to the juried contest. “It was an honour to see such people as Mark Rozovsky, Lev Prygunov and Stanislav Govorukhin,” Rastorguyeva told “They say my poems go well with music.


Lev Prygunov - IMDb

Lev Prygunov, Actor: The Saint. Lev Prygunov was born on April 23, 1939 in Alma-Ata, Kazakh SSR, USSR as Lev Georgiyevich Prygunov. He is an actor, known for The ...

Lev Prygunov - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lev Prygunov; Born: Lev Georgievich Prygunov (1939-04-23) 23 April 1939 (age 77) Alma-Ata, Kazakh SSR, USSR: Occupation: Actor, artist: Years active: 1962–present

Лев Прыгунов, Актер: фото, биография, фильмография ...

Актерская карьера Льва Прыгунова/Lev Prygunov; Первая работа в кино была еще во время учебы, ...

Лев Прыгунов (Lev Prygunov) - биография - советские актёры ...

Лев Прыгунов (Lev Prygunov) - биография - советские актёры - Кино-Театр.РУ

Lev Prygunov and Malcolm Tierney movies

Lev Prygunov and Malcolm Tierney movies

Lev Prygunov. I don't like him. But he is very interesting man. This ...

Lev Prygunov. I don't like him. But he is very interesting man. This ...
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Lev Prygunov

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