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Falling in love can be deadly...

Maria Lucano didn't want to be a vigilante, but when she lost her sister to a vicious crime family and then her husband to an assassin, she vowed that no innocent would ever suffer as she has. Seven years later she is close to her goal and has tracked down the final link to the sniper who murdered her beloved husband in cold blood, a dangerously sexy man code-named Ghost.

When a traitor cost the Black Fire team the lives of four good men, Greg Lassiter reluctantly agreed to put his gift for Intel to work and to take over the unit. His primary job is to hunt and eliminate further threats. The beautiful Maria is definitely a threat; she knows too much, has too many secrets, and instantly wakens his long dead heart. He knows two things for sure: the bad guys desperately want her dead, and he'll risk anything to untangle the complex web of lies, deceit and murder surrounding them. He must, because somewhere in-between the mind-blowing kiss that saved his life and when they blew up her truck, he took the ultimate risk...he fell in love. Now nothing will stop him from keeping the seductive beauty by his side forever.
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Julie Parrish Signed Framed Letter & Photo Display Star Trek

Void of Oregon health care tax appears headed for January ballot -

Cedric Hayden, R-Roseburg, wears a pin that says, "No sales tax on healthiness care. " Hayden is a sponsor of a referendum to overturn a set of taxes on health insurance providers and hospitals that is meant to shore-up Oregon's Medicaid budget. That program pays for healthfulness care for more than 1 million low income Oregonians. ( SALEM -- Opponents of a new tax on health insurance providers and hospitals on Thursday submitted what they said are enough signatures to put the emanation on the ballot. A "yes" vote would maintain the tax on insurance premiums that lawmakers approved in June. Supporters -- including labor groups and organizations that act as if get by money by providing Medicaid services -- say money raised by the bill will help keep 350,000 inadequate Oregonians on the state's Medicaid program. They say the money will also help stabilize the insurance market by establishing a reinsurance program. Julie Parrish , a West Linn Republican and back of the referendum, said she and two other Republican lawmakers launched efforts to repeal parts of the tax because they believe better budget directing could cover state health care costs. "Ultimately, we think there are other places we can tap for money," Parrish told reporters at a Capitol gentlemen of the press conference. An elections worker said Parrish turned in 84,367 signatures -- well past the 58,142 needed to fit out for the ballot. Supporters of the new taxes say that if Parrish's repeal effort is successful, hundreds of thousands of Oregonians who depend on Medicaid could suffer the loss of coverage. Parrish said she would not be pushing the repeal effort if she believed anyone would be kicked off their insurance plans. "Nobody should lose constitution care," she said. Cedric Hayden , a Douglas County Republican who is also a sponsor of the referendum, said Oregon's form agency has enough money to cover health care costs for at least a year. By the time that money runs out, lawmakers could have come up with a elevate surpass health care funding fix, they said. They said that instead of increasing taxes, the Legislature should reform how public employees get robustness care, in part by forcing them to buy plans on the health care exchange. Opposite Parrish and her supporters are a range of health provide for, labor union and other liberal-leaning groups. They say the tax increase is necessary to shore up Oregon's Medicaid budget and put poor people from being kicked off taxpayer-funded health insurance. Source:

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  • Repeal of Oregon condition care tax appears headed for January ballot

    10/05/17 ,via

    Julie Parrish, a West Linn Republican and patronize of the referendum, said she and two other Republican lawmakers launched efforts to repeal parts of the tax because they believe better budget stewardship could cover state health care costs. "Ultimately 

  • Legislator provides the established formula for petition numbers

    10/17/17 ,via Statesman Journal

    sundry voters were well-versed by the time they called me. If we qualify for the ballot, I'll be making that offer again to let voters call on me personally. If Ms. Rohrs wants to go first, my number is 503-432-9707. I'd be glad to take her call. Julie


Julie Parrish was born October 21, 1940 and passed away on October 1, 2003. Julie Parrish, born Ruby Joyce... 10/21/17, @JimKirkwoodJr
Julie Parrish was born October 21, 1940. 10/21/17, @JimKirkwoodJr
@gordonrfriedman Rep. Julie Parrish could run for that tush. The other half of SD19 is Salinas brand new appointed… 10/21/17, @ORobHarris


  • Julie's Guacamole

    avocado, garlic powder, garlic salt, kosher salt, lime juice, mayonnaise, chili powder, onions, hot sauce, tomato


  • Waking Attraction

    Troubador Publishing Ltd. 2017. ISBN: 9781848762879,1848762879. 264 pages.

    What happens when Sleeping Loveliness wakes up – and it’s 2009? Then discovers that her Prince is a boy in trouble with the police? Can there still be a fairy tale ending? Waking Beauty is a funny and moving fairytale played out against a backdrop of abrasive council estates, posh schools and evil witches.Summer, London 1909: Princess Anna pricks her finger, under a bad language cast by a wicked witch when she was born. Initially doomed to die, the curse is altered by a good fairy, so that Anna and her family will, instead, zizz for one hundred years, until the princess is woken up by a prince.Summer London 2009: Sixteen-year-old Leo Prince is a boy in care and in on the spot with the police. Sentenced to community service, he has to help clear the overgrown land surrounding an old Manor House. Inside, he stumbles across the sleeping Princess Anna. In sponsor to a dare he kisses her, breaking the curse and waking her.An awkward friendship blossoms between the unlikely pair, but the descendents of the old witch are in London and determinate to finish what she started. As a result, Anna finds herself being drawn away from Leo and towards Michael, who is good looking, sporty, clever, charming and worldly.A modern day fairy in disguise attempts to guide Anna towards the right choice. But what could possibly make her give up the school heart throb? Leo also suspects that all is not as it should be with Michael and his family and that Anna is in hazard. But can he overcome his past to save her?


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Julie Parrish, Actress: The Nutty Professor. Julie Parrish was born on October 21, 1940 in Middlesboro, Kentucky, USA as Ruby Joyce Wilbar. She was an actress and ...

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Julie Parrish (21 October 1940 – 1 October 2003; age 62), born Ruby Joyce Wilbar, was the...

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