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An argument could be made on which of the two is stranger and more exciting, mysterious, terrifying and eclectic—the reel adventures of movie star Ingrid Pitt or the real life adventures of daughter, wife, mother and new grandmother Ingrid Pitt. Ingrid Pitt: Darkness Before Dawn will help you find an answer to that argument as you follow the life story of the amazing Ingrid—from the terror-filled years in a Concentration Camp, hardships after the war, breaking into acting, becoming a wife and mother, world-wide adventures, making movies, writing and theatre. This memoir of a life filled with terror and tears and ultimately joy and laughter will paint a picture of Ingrid Pitt you will not soon forget.

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    Containing more nudity than a classic Hammer outing, the film features the impeccable Ingrid Pitt as Mircalla Karnstein (aka Carmilla), a lesbian vampire who tangles with Peter Cushing, playing a deviation from the norm on his own Van Helsing character.

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  • Soul's A Scream

    Random House. 2011. ISBN: 9781446441503,1446441504. 304 pages.

    At the age of five, Ingrid Pitt found herself in a concentration encampment. Ingrid and her mother escaped from the guards while on a forced march and presented themselves to the partisans, unsure if they would kill them. They spent the rest of the war in the forests. Ingrid fell in adulation for the first time and watched in despair as British bombers flew overhead. She still cannot see the vapour trials of planes without being transported back to her childhood vigil. After the war Ingrid came to London, where she developed a life's work as a Hammer House of Horror movie star, but, as she proundly says, `I was always the biter, never the bitten!' She also acted in mainstream films, such as WHERE EAGLES Provocation. She had a child by her first marriage and a grand passion which lead to her marrying a racing driver. They lived in Argentina for a while and were good friends of President Peron and Isabelits Peron. Ingrid even fini an evening with the embalmed body of Eva Peron. Written with great passion and warmth, this is a rare childhood memoir and the story of Hammer`s most galmorous actress. Superior to before all, this is a story of a survivor.


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Ingrid Pitt; Born: Ingoushka Petrov (1937-11-21) 21 November 1937 Warsaw, Poland: Died: 23 November 2010 (2010-11-23) (superannuated 73) London, England, UK: Cause of death

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Ingrid Pitt, Actress: The Wicker Man. Most appropriate known as Hammer Films' most seductive female vampire of the early 1970s, the Polish-born Pitt possessed murk, alluring ...

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A accumulation of stories, articles, anecdotes, opinions and rants from Ingrid Pitt, horror film icon and prolific writer and commentator.

Ingrid Pitt dies venerable 73 after collapsing on way to fan ...

Prima donna of Hammer horror Ingrid Pitt dies aged 73 after collapsing on way to fan club dinner. By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 09:38 EDT, 24 November 2010