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Maitreya: The Days Buddha

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Maitreya: The Days Buddha
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As far back as I can remember I have been strongly attracted to both Hinduism and Buddhism, although, because I have an interest in other religious philosophies around the world, I have never fully committed myself to any one belief system. By doing so, I worry that I might be tempted to exclude the great truths existent in other philosophies - so I keep an open mind.

I have been very privileged to be able to travel, courtesy of Celestial Harmonies, to many countries, documenting and recording some great musical traditions. This has allowed me to experience other cultures, more from their people's point of view than would have normally been possible. This is something I wish we could all experience - it would certainly go a long way towards dissolving some of the hatred, ignorance and lack of cultural sensitivity so rampant in the world today.

Throughout all of my travels I gained a better insight into and respect for Islam, as well as a new appreciation of Christianity via the Armenian Apostolic Church. However, my thoughts still keep leading back to the Indian philosophies. I have always had this love of Hinduism, probably because of its absolute human approach. I am very drawn to Tibetan Buddhism mainly because they have kept some of the pantheon of Hindu deities and the result, for me anyway, is a fascinating synthesis. It has all the logical, intellectual aspects of Buddhist thought together with the rich kaleidoscope of Hinduism. I have always believed that when the creator placed the world in the care of humanity he gave the Tibetans the workshop manual.

It is with these thoughts in mind that I have composed the tracks on this album. The track titles are only the starting points for the listener. I'm sure the music will mean different things to different people and I don't particularly want to impose my feelings about the music in any concrete way. It is perhaps enough to say that the music is simply the fleeting sonic impressions of a 21st century electronic composer of a great world teaching, that perhaps one day he might find the courage to commit to.

David Parsons
Global traveler and chronicler David Parsons creates a deep space meditation on Maitreya, which opens like a Tibetan space ritual. Employing the chants of Tibetan monks like synthesizer colors, he descends into a rolling drone zone of layered harmonies and subsonic groans. The real synthesizers come in on the next track, "Mani," as Parsons orchestrates his many field recordings of Tibetan monks in India with his own electronic arrangements. With a darker take on Tibetan music than most, Parsons's Maitreya is not a New Age ministration, but uses chants as a launch point into even deeper meditations. Indian sarangis sail through stereo space in yearning laments; synthesizers rumble as if the abyss is about to open beneath your feet; and Tibetan chants, gongs, and bells moan and shudder, like giant rusted door hinges being cracked open. Sometimes discordant, rarely simply serene, David Parson's Maitreya isn't just a soundscape for another world, it's the vehicle you ride into that world. --John Diliberto

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