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Why Dark Matter Exists: Believing Without Seeing

For decades physicists have been convinced that most of our universe is invisible, but how do we know that if we can’t see it. I want to explain the thought process that leads one to believe in a theory via indirect evidence. So this post isn’t 3000 words, I will simply say that either our theories of gravity are wrong, or the vast majority of the matter in our universe is invisible. That most of the matter in the universe is invisible, or “dark”, is actually well supported. Dark matter as a theory fits the data much better than modifications to gravity (with a couple of possible exceptions like mimetic dark matter ). This isn’t necessarily surprising. For example, the neutrino is invisible as it doesn’t interact with the electromagnetic force (or strong force, for that matter). So the neutrino is actually a form of dark matter, though it is much too quick and light to make up most of what we see. This is what most people refer to when they think of dark matter: the CDM stands for “cold dark matter”, and it is this consistency that allows us to explain observations from almost every cosmological epoch that is so compelling about dark matter. We see the effect of dark matter across the sky in the CMB, in the helium formed in primordial nucleosynthesis, in the very structure of the galaxies. We see dark matter a minute after the big bang, a million years, a billion years, and even today. Simply put, when you add in dark matter (and dark energy) almost the entirety of cosmological history makes sense. While there some elements that seem to be lacking in the ΛCDM model (small scale structure formation, core vs cusp, etc), these are all relatively small details that seem to have solutions in either simulating normal matter more accurately, or... Dark matter is essentially like a bank robber: the money is gone, but no-one saw the theft. The ΛCDM model doesn’t really care about the fine details of dark matter: things like its mass, exact interactions and formation are mostly irrelevant. To the astrophysicist, there are really two features that they require: dark matter cannot have strong interactions with normal matter (electromagnetic or strong forces), and dark matter must be moving relatively slowly (or “cold”). Anything that has these properties is called a dark matter “candidate” as it could potentially be the main constituent of dark matter. Source: Quantum Diaries

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  • Cassandra's Foreboding Ghost Haunts Greece After the 'No' Vote

    07/06/15 ,via Huffington Post

    At home, a few weeks prior, the dictator George Papadopoulos had proclaimed himself the president of a revamped republic whose political system would no longer abide by the rules of (the suppressed) monarchy or dictatorship! Of course, it was still a

  • Cyprus to embark on 'unprecedented' civil service reforms

    07/08/15 ,via Global Government Forum

    Anastasiades announced the PCS's new members – new president Giorgos Papageorgiou and Antonis Vassiliades, Heliodors Heliodorou, Panayiotis Antoniou and Andreas Papadopoulos, and described them as “persons of recognised standing and 



  • Νεοελληνικη Φιλολογια, ̓ητοι Καταλογος Των ̓απο Πτωσεως Της Βυζαντινης Ἀυτοκρατοριας Μεχρι ̓εγκαθιδρυσεως Της ̓εν ̔Ελλαδι Βασιλειας Τυπωθεντων Βιβλιων Παρ' ̔Ελληνων Ἐις Την ̔ομιλουμενην, ̓η Ἐις Την ̓αρχαιαν ̔Ελληνικην Γλωσσαν, Etc


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  • A fairer more responsive civil service on its way

    07/06/15 ,via Cyprus Mail

    The new members were named as Giorgos Papageorgiou as president, Antonis Vassiliades, Heliodors Heliodorou, Panayiotis Antoniou and Andreas Papadopoulos. Anastasiades said all were persons of recognised standing and unquestionable morals. “And I want to ...

  • John W. Galanis Elected New AHEPA Supreme President

    07/06/15 ,via Greek USA Reporter

    Papadopoulos, Voula, Greece ... was elected Daughters of Penelope Grand President; Andreas Christou, Albany, N.Y., was elected Sons of Pericles Supreme President; and Deanna Socaris, Albany, N.Y., was elected to a second term as Maids of Athena Grand ...

  • Cassandra's Foreboding Ghost Haunts Greece After the 'No' Vote

    07/06/15 ,via The Huffington Post

    At home, a few weeks prior, the dictator George Papadopoulos had proclaimed himself the president ... membership the way Karamanlis and Giscard had in mind. From the days of Andreas Papandreou's Panhellenic Socialist Movement, or Pasok, in the 1980s ...


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