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Disc 1: Charlie Chan's Secret (1936) **Full Frame Feature (B&W) **Commentary by Film Critic Ken Hanke & Film Historian John Cork **Charlie Chan and the Rise of the Modern Detective **Dr. Henry Lee: The Modern Day Charlie Chan **Restoration Comparison **Still Gallery

Disc 2: Charlie Chan on Broadway (1937) **Full Frame Feature (B&W) **The World of Charlie Chan **Chanograms: The Aphorisms of Charlie Chan **Restoration Comparison **Still Gallery

Disc 3: Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo (1937) Side A: **Full Frame Feature (B&W) **Charlie Chan is Missing: The Last Days of Warner Oland **Restoration Comparison **Still Gallery **"Warner Oland is Charlie Chan" Poster Gallery

Side B: **"Behind That Curtain" (B&W) (91:00) **Released in 1929, this film features the first appearance of the Charlie Chan character at Fox.

Disc 4: Charlie Chan - The Black Camel (1931) **Full Frame Feature - B&W **Commentary by Film Critic Ken Hanke & Film Historian John Cork **Charlie Chan's Chance: A Recreation of a Lost Chan **Restoration Comparison **Still Gallery
"Hollywood is famous furnisher of mysteries," observes the honorable Honolulu detective, Charlie Chan, in The Black Camel. And few cinematic sleuths are as renowned or beloved as Chan. As the chief of police proclaims in Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo, "All the world knows of Charlie Chan." For devotees of Earl Derr Biggers' literary creation, this is an essential boxed set that marks the beginnings and the end of the franchise's Warner Oland golden era. In addition to vintage treats such as The Black Camel (1931), the earliest known-existing Chan film to star Oland as the iconic sleuth, it also contains intriguing extras, including the 1929 film Behind the Curtain, which features E.L. Park as Chan in this character's first (albeit fleeting) screen appearance in a Fox film (and, like butler Jeeves' mere one-sentence walk-on in the P.G. Wodehouse short story "Extricating Young Gussie," it is a most inauspicious beginning for such a towering figure in popular culture).

The Swedish-born Oland portrayed Chan in 16 films. This set includes his last two as Chan before his untimely death in 1938, Monte Carlo and Charlie Chan on Broadway, both released in 1937. Give your regards to Broadway, in which a dame "still hot enough to blister" is murdered over an incriminating diary. This set also includes the eerie Charlie Chan's Secret (1936). The films are a bit creaky, but that's part of the fun. Each has its charms and delights, from the rat-a-tat New York slang that baffles Chan in Broadway to his signature aphorisms that range from the sage ("Though loved one seem to be taken away, remain always near") to the puzzling ("Sometimes very difficult to pick up pumpkin with one finger"). Keye Luke provides comic relief as enthusiastic No. 1 son in Monte Carlo and Broadway. Camel features Robert Young in his official screen debut and Bela Lugosi, fresh from Dracula, as a sinister mystic with too much influence on an actress with a skeleton in her closet. The audio commentaries on Camel and Secret are efficient and informative (did you know that Goldfinger villain Odd Job was styled on Chan's look?). Other entertaining segments unearth Oland's career, Chan's influence on detective fiction, and those "Chan-isms." Also fascinating is a re-creation of Charlie Chan's Chance, one of four lost Oland/Chan films. For those who have yet to make Charlie's acquaintance, this Chan-tastic collection is an excellent introduction. As one admiring cop states in Broadway, "You just think you have (met a detective). Now, go and meet Charlie Chan." --Donald Liebenson

These Are The Voyages: A Celebration of Star Trek: Mr. Sulu

It has been well noted by many fans and scholars of the series Star Trek , that while Scotty, Chekov, and Uhura were certainly popular and iconic characters, they really weren’t as well developed in comparison to the series “Power Trio” of Kirk,... Notably, Walter Koenig’s advice to which ever actor was cast as Chekov prior to Anton Yelchin in the 2009 reboot, was to stay out of the shadows and insist on having dialogue that did more than advance the plot along. These supporting players, were sometimes known to the fans as the “Irregulars” in that while they were clearly integral parts of the Enterprise crew, they appeared almost infrequently on the series. However, despite how limited their appearances may have been on the show, they were fairly well defined in terms of personality and interests. This was certainly the case with the ship’s helmsman, Hikaru Sulu. As it is noted in Star Trek: Adventures in Time and Space,. “The original series probably told viewers more about Hikaru Sulu than it did about Uhura, Scotty, and Chekov. Several episodes mentioned his love of plants as well as his secret passion for prancing, romantic swashbuckling, and derring-do. At his helm position, Mr. Sulu frequently had the first on-camera reaction to an alien menace or friend. Despite how scholars and critics have written at length about the cultural significance of the role of Lt. Uhura on the series, the historical importance of the role of Sulu should not be overlooked. Today, we take for granted having Ming-Na Wen and Chloe Bennet as Agent Melinda May and Skye on Marvel’s Agents of S. H. I. E. L. D. , Rila Fukushima as Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana on Arrow , Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park as Chin Ho Kelly and Kona... The 1943 Batman serial saw the dynamic duo tangle with Dr. Daka, an agent for the Axis powers who’s plans involved turning people into mind controlled zombies while Flash Gordon tangled with the Asiatic space emperor Ming the Mericless. The 1960s would see the cinematic debut of James Bond, in which he would thwart the plans of Dr. No, who was half Chinese, while Marvel Comics would introduce Iron Man’s arch nemesis known simply as “The Mandarin. Source: Jonathon D. Svendsen

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I liked a @YouTube video Warner Oland's ''Charlie Chan at The Opera'' (1936) 10/18/16, @Gravydog316
RT @Tomoo_Terada: Chang Apana was an #UnderratedAsian detective that inspired Charlie Chan character and was played by white actor Warner O… 10/15/16, @TeamYellowRules
No, Karlov is Warner Oland MT @4eyesJohnny: Did they say they're looking for a madman named Karloff or just looks like Karloff? #WarBonds 10/13/16, @Ghyxion


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Warner Oland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Warner Oland (October 3, 1879 – August 6, 1938) was a Swedish American actor most remembered for his screen role as the detective Charlie Chan.

Warner Oland - IMDb

Warner Oland was born Johan Verner Olund in the small village of Nyby in Bjurholm parish in the county of Vasterbotten, Sweden, on October 3, 1879.

Warner Oland – Wikipedia

Warner Oland, eigentlich Johan Verner Ölund (* 3. Oktober 1879 in Nyby, Västerbottens län; † 6. August 1938 in Stockholm), war ein schwedisch-amerikanischer ...

Warner Oland - Biography - IMDb

Warner Oland was born Johan Verner Olund in the small village of Nyby in Bjurholm parish in the county of Vasterbotten, Sweden, on October 3, 1879.