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Terry O'Neill


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Terry O'Neill by Brand: Antique Collectors Club Dist
Product Description
* The ultimate record of the work of a world-class photographer
* Capturing the iconic, candid, and unguarded moments of the famous and the notorious

Terry O'Neill is one of the world's most celebrated and collected photographers. No one has captured the frontline of fame so broadly - and for so long. For more than 50 years, he has photographed rock stars and presidents, royals and movie stars, at work, at play, in private. He pioneered backstage reportage photography with the likes of Frank Sinatra, David Bowie, Sir Elton John and Chuck Berry and his work comprises a vital chronicle of rock and roll history.

Now, for the first time, an exhaustive cataloguing of his archive conducted over the last three years has revisited more than 2 million negatives and has unearthed unseen images that escaped the eye over a career spanning 53 years.

Similarly, his use of 35mm cameras on film sets and the early pop music shows of the 60s opened up a new visual art form using photojournalism, to revolutionize formal portraiture. His work captured the iconic, candid, and unguarded moments of the famous and the notorious - from Ava Gardner to Amy Winehouse, from Churchill to Nelson Mandela, from the earliest photographs of young emerging bands such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones to her Majesty the Queen at Buckingham Palace. O' Neill spent more than 30 years photographing Frank Sinatra, amassing a unique archive of more than 3,000 Sinatra negatives. Add to that the magazine covers, album sleeves, film poster and fashion shoots of 1,000 stars, and Terry O'Neill - comprises the most compelling and epic catalogue of the age of celebrity.

Terry O'Neill: Every Idea Tells a Story


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Terry O'Neill: Every Idea Tells a Story
Product Description
  • Features some of Terry O'Neill's most well-known and iconic images from more than 50 years behind the camera
  • O'Neill reveals the stories behind his most iconic images, from the morning he spent with Faye Dunaway at the pool in Beverly Hills, to walking around Vegas with Sean Connery dressed as James Bond, and a chance encounter with Bruce Springsteen on the Sunset Strip
'I was walking up the Miami Beach boardwalk to the Fontainebleau Hotel where Sinatra was staying... I just reached out with the letter in my hand and he took it. He opened it, read it... turned to his security men and said, this kid's with me. I never found out what Ava said to him in that letter. From that moment on, I was part of his inner circle.' -- Terry O'Neill

From The Beatles to the Rolling Stones, Terry O'Neill fast became the photographer of the 1960s. Having an eye - and ear - for music and musicians, he instinctively knew what bands to focus on. And they in turn trusted him. 'I remember sitting in a pub with the Beatles and the Stones. We were just hanging-out and talking about what we'd do next, after all of this was over. By this, we meant the fame, being the 'new kids of the moment'. Usually, this sort of celebrity doesn't last. Little did we know that 60 years later, we'd still be at it.'

Music lead O'Neill to Hollywood and working with stars resulted not only in to memorable moments but long-lasting friendships. He traveled with Frank Sinatra. Took Raquel Welch to the beach. Went in the ring with Ali. Put The Who in a cage. O'Neill captured many of the most unforgettable faces from the frontline of fame, and his photographs exude his own brand of serene simplicity, intimate behind-the-scene moments and the rare quality of trust between photographer and subject.

The list of people Terry O'Neill has worked with over the past 60 years is a Who's Who in celebrity; from film to music, sports to politics.

Terry O'Neill: Every Picture Tells a Story is like going through a walking tour of memory by a man who has seen, met and photographed them all.

Terry O'Neill - The legend

From the album:Irish Rebel Ballads.

PICTURES: Ukraine conflict shots win Terry O'Neill Award 2014 - Amateur Photographer

Bianchi’s reportage project shows violence and unrest in Kiev’s Maidan Nezalezhnosti, also known as Independence Square, after it was stormed by hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian protestors. In his artist’s statement on the project, Bianchi talks about witnessing the repeated destruction and rebuilding of barricades by police and protestors as the tide of conflict ebbed back and forth. Bianchi said: ‘Every photographer’s dream is to have his or her work noticed and respected. I love the work of Terry O’Neill – he is a master. Terry O’Neill himself described Bianchi’s work as ‘amazing’ and ‘world-class’, adding that he expected big things form the Italian photographer in the future. Spanish photographer Miguel Angel Sanchez was awarded First Runner-Up for a project titled Gaza/The box, a portraiture series depicting the people of Gaza. Javier Arcenillas, last year’s runner-up , won Second Runner-Up this time for a series on wild horses living near Spanish mountains, while British photographer Rob Pearson-Wright won in the Mobile Device category for a b&w street series titled... All of the works shortlisted for the Terry O’Neill Award 2014, which is held in partnership with The Guardian newspaper, are being displayed at the Strand Gallery in London until February 1. For more information on the Terry O’Neill Award, visit... Source:

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  • PICTURES: Ukraine conflict shots win Terry O'Neill Award 2014

    01/21/15 ,via Amateur Photographer

    Bianchi's reportage project shows violence and unrest in Kiev's Maidan Nezalezhnosti, also known as Independence Square, after it was stormed by hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian protestors. In his artist's statement on the project, Bianchi talks

  • Abortion Rights Are Human Rights

    01/08/15 ,via Huffington Post

    As I've written here before, when I talk about abortion I call it abortion care -- because that's what it is. Abortion is essential, effective medical care. During the debate over health care reform, we often heard that health care is a basic human


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  • Gun Control

    Greenhaven Press, Incorporated. 2015. ISBN: 1565108787,9781565108783. 144 pages.

    Presents opposing arguments on gun control, including gun availability and its influence on society, the constitutionality of gun control, effective measures in reducing gun violence, and the effects of a gun ban on society.

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  • 'She's not a monster, she snapped': Grief-stricken family reveals how stress drove mother-of-two to attack her own children before being shot dead on her lawn by cops

    02/01/15 ,via Daily Mail

    She was not a monster. She snapped, and we don't really know why,' Kathy O'Neill, Mrs Terry's aunt, said, adding that her niece had been drinking and using medication, likely to deal with her pain. 'It was Tiffany... but the actions were not the Tiffany ...

  • Knife-Wielding Mother-Of-Two Shot Dead By Police After ‘Stress’ Caused Her To Assault Her Children

    02/01/15 ,via The Inquisitr

    Tiffany Terry was “not a monster” according to her family members. In fact, they note she could “light up a room.” However, on Tuesday, the family says a different side of Tiffany was seen. Kathy O’Neill, Tiffany’s aunt, says that the woman ...

  • Raquel Welch Versus Kim Kardashian

    01/31/15 ,via New York Observer

    BIG is a new exhibition of groundbreaking images by photographer, Terry O’Neill. Famous, or perhaps maybe not that famous for some of the world’s most legendary celebrity photographs, Mr. O’Neill’s work constantly smashed through style ...


Terry O'Neill Photography

Terry O Neill is one of the world s most collected photographers whose work hangs in national art galleries and private collections worldwide.

Terry O'Neill (photographer) - Wikipedia, the free ...

Terry O'Neill (born 30 July 1938) is an English photographer. He gained renown documenting the fashions, styles, and celebrities of the 1960s. O'Neill's photographs ...

Terry O'Neill (@Terry_ONeill) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from Terry O'Neill (@Terry_ONeill). Iconic British photographer Terry O'Neill. London

Photographers Gallery - Photographs by Terry O'Neill

Terry O'Neill : Oscar Ennui. Elizabeth Taylor & Da... Brigitte Bardot in Spain. Frank Sinatra. Raquel Welch : Bruce Springsteen- Hollyw... Elton John - Dodger Stadi...

Terry ONeill - Bardot

Terry ONeill - Bardot
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