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Fotografia Original re-estreno El Cristo De Oro starring Fanny Schiller with Manuel Ojeda and Roberto Rocha. Directed by Manuel R. Ojeda in 1926. The size of the photo is 8 inches of high and 10 inches of wide.
1994 Constrain Photo Anneka Totnan, Manuel Ojeda, Ryan Smith & Hollee Thetford
1994 Constrain Photo Anneka Totnan, Manuel Ojeda, Ryan Smith & Hollee Thetford by Vintage Photos

  • Shipped with thick cardboard in a large plastic envelope to protect...
  • Unique vintage black & white photo. Ready for you to frame.
  • Watermark not on actual photo.

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This is an original press photo. Anneka Totnan, Manuel Ojeda, Ryan Smith & Hollee Thetford of Forest Grove High School - School PlayPhoto measures 10 x 6inches. Photo is dated 05-20-1994.


a new kind of Chamorro race based on the blood lines of those who lived here before European contact, mixed now with the blood of people from Spain, Latin America, the Philippines and a few from other places. The soldiers of Guam had been formed into two separate companies based on racial lines. The Spanish Infantry (Infantería Española) included people from Latin America, more than likely from Mexico most of all, but it is not impossible that there were some from other countries of Latin America (we know that Governor Esplaña was from... The Pampanga Infantry (Infantería Pampanga) included Filipinos from Pampanga, a province of the Philippines not far from Manila, having its own language distinct from Tagalog. This group of soldiers could have had some men from other parts of the Philippines as well, but the majority would have been from Pampanga. In short time (1670s), these foreign men began marrying Chamorro women. Then they started marrying among themselves : Chamorro, Latin American and Filipino blood all mixing together. This happened mainly in Hagåtña, where the soldiers lived, while the outlying villages had but a few soldiers posted there and were populated by Chamorros who more slowly intermarried with foreigners. In 1795, the soldiers were still classified as belonging either to the Spanish Infantry or the Pampanga Infantry, but they were all, in the main, Chamorros as we understand the term today : the descendants of the pre-contact people, mixed with... In fact, you can find some indigenous Chamorro names in this list such as Aguon, Materne and Achuga. NOTE : I am keeping the spelling of the names as found in the original document, with the modern spelling in parenthesis. Aguirre, José Antonio. Anungui, Francisco. Arceo, Félix. Arceo, Francisco. Arceo, Leopoldo. Bermejo, José. Borja, Enrique de. Calderón, Pedro. Camacho Francisco. Cárdenas, (first name illegible). Castro, Ignacio de. Castro, Nicolás de. Cotino, Pedro. Cruz, Felipe de la. Cruz, Félix de la. Cruz, Francisco de la. Cruz, José de la. Cruz, Justo de la. Cruz, Salvador de la. Díaz, Pedro. Dueñas, (first name illegible). Dueñas, José Romano. Flores, Juan Crisóstomo. Garrido, José. Garrido, Manuel Tiburcio. Guerrero, Juan de Dios. Guevara, José. Source: paleric

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  • Manuel Ojeda y Ofelia Medina ofrecen fascinante velada

    10/26/16 ,via EL DEBATE

    Los asistentes al teatro Pablo de Villavicencio la noche del lunes fueron testigos de un indiscutible despliegue de talento por parte de los primeros actores Manuel Ojeda y Ofelia Medina, quienes presentaron la primera de tres funciones de la puesta en 

  • Paterson public works director settles hostile work environment suit for $150K

    10/24/16 ,via

    PATERSON — A Paterson municipal employee who says he was ridiculed and harassed because he was a supporter of the former mayor settled his lawsuit against the city for $150,000. Public works director Manuel Ojeda sued Paterson after he was 


I'm at Av. Manuel Ojeda in Hermosillo, SON, MX w/ @gigitheprincess 11/24/16, @RyuuNoKokoro


  • Biofuels from Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis

    Nova Science Pub Incorporated. 2016. ISBN: 161668366X,9781616683665. 73 pages.

    The world demand of light and middle distillate petroleum products (mainly gasoline and diesel) is increasing dramatically, especially within the transportation sector. Eventually, such requirement will surpass refineries capacity to supply fuels and hydrocarbon feedstock. This situation has encouraged the exploration of other sources of petroleum products rather than merely sticking to conventional oil sources. This new book describes the active sites and reaction intermediates with Fe-based catalysts in relation to the most relevant aspects of Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis with Co and Ru catalysts.

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