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The captivating stories behind fifty of the greatest authors and their most famous literary creations

Before Who the Hell is Pansy O?Hara ?, there had never been a single volume that explored the backstories of so many of the greatest books in the English language. A work sure to captivate all lovers of language and literature, it reveals in short, pithy chapters, the lives, loves, motivations, and quirky, fascinating details involving fifty of the best-loved books of the Western world.
? When stacked up, the original manuscript of Gone With the Wind stood taller than Margaret Mitchell, its 4' 9 1/2" author
? Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond, was part of the Allied team that cracked the Nazi?s Enigma code
? Leo Tolstoy?s wife copied War and Peace by hand . . . seven times

From The Great Gatsby to Harper Lee, from Jaws to J. K . Rowling, Who the Hell Is Pansy O?Hara? offers an entertaining and informative journey through the minds of writers and the life experiences that took these amazing works from notion to novel.

Interview with Jenny O'Hara for Devil

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AJE COM theme: March hares

You, our loyal readers, know us. You know that we are constantly evolving, creating, discussing and challenging ourselves. We wanted to offer a creative challenge that was broader in scope, drawing in bead makers, component makers, as well as designers/jewelry makers. I selected the hare, as its my totem animal of sorts. In myths the world over the hare is associated with fertility, creativity and rebirth. I wanted to share a few stories here, and I will delve deeper into the myth and symbolism on my own blog throughout the month. "Mad as a March hare" comes to mind. This is a British idiom, referencing the antics of hares in their Spring breeding season. The March Hare is commonly known from Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland". The Asian folktales and myths offer a wide range of hares, most often associated with the moon. In China the hare is the consort of moon goddess Chang-O, and grinds the elixir of immortality in a mortar in pestle. The hare is seen in the craters on the moon's surface, forging a tangible link between myth and reality. Source: Art Jewelry Elements

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  • Doctor Who

    04/07/15 ,via Den of Geek!

    Joining Kaye in the two-parter directed by Daniel O'Hara will be Morven Christie, Archer Ali, Colin McFarlane, Sophie Stone, Zaqi Ismail, Steven Robertson and Neil Fingleton. Additionally, Michelle Gomez and Steven Moffat have both said publicly that

  • Not a one-off incident

    04/06/15 ,via Sydney Morning Herald

    to be built annually. Those should be built along transport corridors to make proposals like light rail viable. Let us hope, however, human population growth stops before long and so other species can survive and thrive, not just cats. Jenny Goldie


RT @FourestGump: Well, we was like family, Jenny and me. And it was the happiest time of my life. 04/01/15, @ohara_dustin
Me-"He's one of those teachers that seems like he's flirting with you all of the time" Jenny-"Oh yeah like Mr. Ohara in seventh grade!"..... 03/31/15, @La_Lambertghini



  • Spiritual Reconstruction

    2015. 209 pages.

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  • Fill the Barn with Love

    03/31/15 ,via Montgomery Advertiser

    Jenny focused on the silent auction ... In addition to planning and prepping the night’s menu, Wynlakes’ Chef Joe O’Hara created a barn side backdrop as the focal point of the room. The façade was topped with a worn tin roof, and its reclaimed ...

  • Gala night is fantastic finale to week-long music festival.

    03/31/15 ,via Westmorland Gazette

    Up to and including yr 6, The Eva Black Shield: 1 Ireyimika Bamigboye; 2 Eloise Ozanne; 3 Jenny Kitchingman ... Murphy Cup: 1 Robert O’Hara; 2= Tiffany Charnley, Alastair Rae. The Jim Noble Rosebowl: 1= Tiffany Charnley, Alastair Rae; 2 Beth Godfrey.

  • Graham Dwyer: The case which got deep under everyone's skin, the ugliness seeping through

    03/28/15 ,via Irish Independent

    Of their overwhelming feelings of sympathy, not just for his victim Elaine O’Hara and her family ... over cups of tea and weigh up whether a document written by Dwyer titled Jenny’s First Rape - read out to an almost-empty court cleared of members ...


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Jenny O'Hara, Actress: Mystic River. Jenny O'Hara was born on February 24, 1942 in Sonora, California, USA. She is an actress and director, known for Mystic River ...

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Jenny O'Hara has been married since 1986 to British-born American actor Nick Ullett. ... Ohara, Jenny: Alternative names: Ohara, Patricia Joanne: Short description:

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The latest Tweets from Jenny O'Hara (@jenny_ohara): "Such a wasteful Friday night"

Jenny O'Hara Actress Jenny O'Hara attends the Universal Pictures' film ...

Jenny O'Hara Actress Jenny O'Hara attends the Universal Pictures' film ...

Jenny O'Hara Actress Jenny O'Hara attends the Universal Pictures' film ...

Jenny O'Hara Actress Jenny O'Hara attends the Universal Pictures' film ...

Jenny O'Hara Actress Jenny O'Hara arrives at the premiere of Universal ...

Jenny O'Hara Actress Jenny O'Hara arrives at the premiere of Universal ...

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