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Double Tap to Zoom

Dim the lights and gather around the freshly-trimmed tree for a magical Christmas Eve experience that will become a family tradition. The beloved poem from Clement C. Moore is beautifully illustrated in this wonderful holiday classic that captures the true spirit of Christmas. Ages 5 and up
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Discover the effective group treatment strategies that help your school-aged clients!

A child immersed in a conflicted family life may be forced to cope with a multitude of trauma, including violence, abuse, and insecurity. In A Safe Place to Grow: A Group Treatment Manual for Children in Conflicted, Violent, and Separating Homes, highly respected experts give mental health professionals the tools to provide effective group treatment for children scarred by family environments of conflict and abuse. This easy-to-understand, step-by-step manual is a developmentally appropriate treatment curriculum for traumatized school-aged children. Age-appropriate sections separate therapy for big or little kids, focusing on efficacy while presenting a comfortable multi-ethnic, multi-cultural model.

A Safe Place to Grow has easy-to-understand descriptions of techniques, with each session in the curriculum containing games and activities that are therapeutic yet flexible enough to be modified whenever the situation warrants. A chapter is included to helpfully troubleshoot problems encountered when in session with either age group of children. Useful illustrations accompany the text, along with a comprehensive bibliography listing additional therapeutic resources for different types of family problems. Appendixes are included for instruction on psycho-educational groups for parents that enhance their sensitivity to their children’s needs, as well as providing an evaluation study of the group model itself.

A Safe Place to Grow provides a sequence of activities within the group model aimed at each of these five goals:
  • creating common ground and safety
  • exploring the language and complexity of feeling
  • defining and understanding the self
  • defining and revising roles and relationships
  • restoring a moral order

A Safe Place to Grow is an essential resource for social workers, psychologists, family and child therapists, school counselors, and battered women and children’s advocates.

Kathy Lette: My 25 year old son is dating a 48 year old skirt - and this is how it feels - Evening Standard

When my 25-year-old son told me he was bringing his new girlfriend bailiwick to meet me, I chilled the wine and whacked a chicken in the oven. Until he arrived home with a 48-year-old moll. I opened the door to stare into a visage nearly as lined as my own. Five minutes into some rather awkward small talk in the living dwelling, I realised that we were reading the same book and had just been to the same exhibition. I seemed to have much more in common with her than my son. I also admitted that I was going for gold in the Hypocrisy Olympics as the Great Canyon between my beliefs and my behaviour yawned before me. You see, I feel about ageism the way all feminists do — it’s an inexcusable reflection on the double... “Look how blithe they are. Your son’s the wind beneath her bingo wings. “Maybe all middle-aged women should just follow suit and date younger blokes. I herald, compared to him, that woman is a crumbling edifice,” I retorted. “She just wants to feel young again,” my sister shrugged. “Clearly you’re only as minor as the man you feel. To my mind, if this 48-year-old wanted to feel younger, why didn’t she try a makeover or bikram planking or yogalates as opposed to of having an inappropriate relationship with a boy nearly half her age. But once I’d calmed down and thought it through I realised that if Brigitte Macron was asked if she’d be happier with a man her own age, she’d presumably decline on the grounds that she doesn’t really crave a life of carpet slippers and watching TV... Think about it. Do you judicator a woman on her looks. Do you prefer Botox to reading between a woman’s lines. If you’re a bloke, then the answer is probably yes. A report in the papers survive week revealed that three-quarters of British men think they’ve got better looking as they’ve got older. But while men are happy to embrace “shining fox” status, women the same age are branded “hags”, “old bags” and “past it”. You think I’m exaggerating. So, it’s no wonder ageing to women is like kryptonite to superman. Show me a maid who is happy with her age and I’ll show you the electro-convulsive therapy scorch marks. Men date women half their age and nobody raises a judgmental brow. Hollywood’s important men constantly co-star with females young enough to be their daughters. Source:

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  • Kathy Lette: My 25 year old son is dating a 48 year old missus - and this is how it feels

    08/08/17 ,via Evening Standard

    As Madonna, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Demi Moore, Vivienne Westwood, Susan Sarandon, Joan Collins, Kate Winslet and Kate Beckinsale etc have discovered, a younger man with an older char makes perfect sense. Not only do older women know their way 

  • Kind assignments for Paulding, Oakwood schools

    DOSTER 3-1 – Ankney, Levi; Daeger, Max; Dierksheide, Madalyn; Dix, Sabrina; Dohm, Sandra; Fry, Ariana; Goebel, Ethan; Hattemer, Douglas; Kleman, Reina; Klopfenstein, Mariah; Manz, Jordan; Miranda-Guerra, Jovanni; Moore, Landyn; Myers, Vivienne; 


Just Pinned to Aftermath: Vivienne Westwood/1995/Naomi Campbell Ph: Chris Moore 08/10/17, @ButterflySnrida


  • Mother's Pasties

    ground beef, butter, carrot, flour, onions, pastry, potato, black pepper, ground pork, salt, salt, shortening, water


  • Embonpoint, Eating Disorders and the Media

    Routledge. 2016. ISBN: 9781317086345,1317086341. 192 pages.

    How do the media stand for obesity and eating disorders? How are these representations related to one another? And how do the news media select which scientific findings and policy decisions to report? Multi-disciplinary in MO = 'modus operandi', Obesity, Eating Disorders and the Media presents critical new perspectives on media representations of obesity and eating disorders, with analyses of imprint, online, and televisual media framings. Exploring abjection and alarm as the common themes linking media framings of obesity and eating disorders, Weight, Eating Disorders and the Media shows how the media similarly position these conditions as dangerous extremes of body size and food study. The volume then investigates how news media selectively cover and represent science and policy concerning obesity and eating disorders, with padlock attention to the influence of pre-existing framings alongside institutional and moral agendas. A rich, comprehensive analysis of media framings of grossness and eating disorders - as embodied conditions, complex disorders, public health concerns, and culturally significant phenomena - this volume will be of interest to scholars and students across the group sciences and all those interested in understanding cultural aspects of obesity and eating disorders.


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