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Hit Accumulation 1936-57

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Hit Accumulation 1936-57
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Crooner Tony Martin was one of the coterie of male vocalist like Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Tony Bennett, Frankie Laine, Al Martino and others who dominated the pop charts during the post-war decade (although, unlike those mentioned, he was not of Italian descent). He started his professional career as a Hollywood bit-part actor in movies like Follow The Fleet in 1936, before becoming a big-band singer, having his first hits, including several with the Ray Noble Orchestra, in the late 30s and early 40s, before a break while he served in WWII, then joined the Mercury label in 1946. He became a regular hit-maker right through until his music was overtaken by the rock 'n' roll and teen pop explosion of the late'50s. The consistency of his success can be measured by the fact that this excellent value 50-track 2-CD set consists entirely of hits which he had in the Billboard and Cashbox charts - for reasons of space we could not include them all, but there are only a few which had to be omitted, so this represents a pretty thorough trawl across his most successful recordings. It naturally includes what are probably his best-known hits - Stranger In Paradise and Walk Hand In Hand, along with other Top 5 biggies like Tonight We Love, To Each His Own There's No Tomorrow, I Get Ideas and Here. He was very much a star who encapsulated the musical zeitgeist of his time, and this will be a must for lovers of '40s and '50s nostalgia.
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An essay on Black-Jewish relations, primarily in the United States, by a professor of African American History who became embroiled in controversy over his classroom use of a book detailing the well- documented Jewish role in the Atlantic slave trade.

The Jewish Onslaught discusses, among other things, the increasing attacks of Jewish organizations on Black leaders and scholars, the alleged halcyon period of a Black-Jewish alliance, the Jewish role in the slave trade and the Jewish attack on Afrocentrism.

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  • Literary Garveyism

    The Majority Press. 1983. ISBN: 0912469013,9780912469010. 204 pages.


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A class to buy things by Tony Martin of The D-Generation, The Late Show, Martin/Molloy and Get This fame

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