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Persona 4 is one of those rare games where I genuinely love the whole cast of player characters. Most RPGs have at least one character I don’t like, but I love all of the party members in Persona 4 , and a lot of the NPCs, too. Yosuke fills very much the same role as Junpei in Persona 3 — the comedic character who quickly latches on to the hero as his new best friend — but he manages to be a deeper and more nuanced character than Junpei did. (Don’t get me wrong: I liked Junpei. I think the look on his face here sums up Yosuke’s usual personality pretty well. I was surprised to hear his voice when I first started playing Persona 4 the Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena , however. I knew Shotaro Morikubo had done his voice — I think I saw that in the author’s comment on a scanslated doujinshi. — so I kind of went in expecting him to sound, well, like Orphen. ‘Cause a lot of Morikubo’s characters sound that way. Instead, he had a lighter voice (very fitting for the character) that sounded more genuinely teenage than what I was expecting. Besides, the explanation I came up with tied back to the PS1 Persona games, and I just know the one in the actual game won’t do that, so I’m sort of dreading it, ’cause it won’t be as cool. ) Haven’t gotten past the first dance-off in Persona 4 Dancing All Night , either, but that’s mostly ’cause the controls are so crazy different from Project Mirai that I want to finish up with that first, rather than bouncing back and forth... ‘Cause Black Frost wasn’t available when I got the rest of these. In Japan, he’s apparently called Jaaku Frost, a really clever, untranslatable pun, since “aku” means evil. So he’s “evil Jack Frost” but that doesn’t really work in English, thus they decided to go with his change in coloration and call him Black Frost. (Most likely, the nasty-turned-inappropriate “Jack-san Five” joke was original, and not a translation thing, though. ) Thinking back to the first place I saw Black Frost — in Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne — I can see why he was originally specified as evil. (It’s a bit more awkward as a name for his appearance in some later games, particularly Devil Survivor. Note his name above the window is “Jack Lantern. ” I’m not sure why they changed it to Pyro Jack for the American localizations…but that’s a change that dates back to the early PS1 release of the original Persona. Source: Crazy Doll Lady

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    Junichi Suwabe as Ren Jingūji, Hiro Shimono as Shō Kurusu, Kousuke Toriumi as Cecil Aijima, Showtaro Morikubo as Reiji Kotobuki, Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Ranmaru Kurosaki, Shouta Aoi as Ai Mikaze, Tomoaki Maeno as Camus, Yūichi Nakamura as Ringo 

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I want a nice Makoto card... Cause Shotaro Morikubo brings out my bias 01/17/16, @beartarokujo


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    Bartolomeo is voiced by Shotaro Morikubo. Morikubo is known for voicing the characters of Shikamaru (Naruto), Akaya Kirihara (The Prince of Tennis), Norikuni Iwata (Excel Saga) and Tensa Zangetsu (Bleach), among many others. According to The Anime News ...

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    Kisho Taniyama), Shinsaku Takasugi (Tatsuhisa Suzuki), and Kogoro Katsura (Shotaro Morikubo). The today-launched anime fficial site is listing the main voice cast and staff for the anime. Check the list and game PVs below.


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Showtaro Morikubo; Native name: 森久保 祥太郎: Born (1974-02-25) February 25, 1974 (age 41) Hachiōji, Tokyo, Japan: Occupation: Voice actor, actor, singer

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News chronological archives; 15:40 AKB48's AKB49 Manga Ends in Weekly Shonen Magazine; 14:40 Gundam Breaker 3 Adds 5 New Playable Gunpla Models; 13:40 BlazBlue ...

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