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Finding the Child Lost Within: Helping Children and Teens with Mental Illness

Many of us feel at a loss when we see a child or teen suffering with mental illness. Helping a teen with mental illness can be rough because they often don’t want us to know they need help. To make things worse, mental illness is complex and can have many different contributing factors and if they all aren’t address, chances are things aren’t going to get much better and if they do, they won’t stay that way for long. It is important to remember that children and teens do develop without being affected by the world around them. As children grow into teenagers and teenagers into adults they are impacted by what goes on around them, including what goes on in the home, school, and neighborhood. When trying to help a teen with mental illness, we need to determine the impact that every part of the teen’s life is having on the teen, even if that mean admitting we are part of the problem. I know it’s hard to admit our own faults, but remember this is for the teen, your child, your student, or participant, and in order to help we have to know what is helping and change what is not. Many of us have heard about genetics and it’s no big surprise that genetics play a role in mental illness. 61% percent of children with a mentally ill parent also develop a mental illness. Parents can “pass on the genes” that make their children vulnerable to developing mental illness, but they can also teach the behaviors of mental illness. Children and teens learn much of how they should act and handle situations from their parents and mentally ill parents may unintentionally teach their children behaviors and ways of dealing with situations that contribute to mental illness. Many mental illnesses are worsened by the way the family interacts (or lack of interaction). A little fighting or a slight increase in fighting is normal, especially as your teen is entering adolescence, but if that seems to be your primary mode of communication with your teen, it may be indicator to try a new approach. Studies have shown that some parenting behaviors can contribute to mental illness. Parents that are overprotective, too controlling, or are highly critical of their children can contribute to the development of anorexia. Conversely, parents that don’t pay enough attention to their children or don’t set. Source: J.A. Ross

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  • Biology of Parasitism

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2013. ISBN: 9781475746228,1475746229. 328 pages.

    Biology of Parasitism is based on the Biology of Parasitism Course at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Having just celebrated its 20th offering, this Course has distinguished itself as the premier, world-renowned training ground for future generations of parasitologists. The primary goal of the Course is to attract and introduce the very best and most promising young researchers to the many unresolved problems in parasitology and prepare them for their future as independent investigators in the field. The rigorous program combines state-of-the-art laboratory research with a program of visiting lecturers who bring together the most current research in the field. Since at this time there are no academic institutions that have enough depth in parasitology research or teaching faculty to provide up-to-date and state-of-the-art training, the Course has become, and will remain, a global resource for providing intensive education in modern parasitology. Biology of Parasitism is intended to present a snapshot of the content and spirit of the Biology of Parasitism Course. By presenting a series of chapters that reflect the formal lectures that students receive on a daily basis, as well as the approaches used during the laboratory section of the Course, the editors hope to share some of the science that occurs there. One part of the book presents the experimental component of the Course, in particular the subject matter of the four two-week sessions covering Immunology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Molecular Biology of protozoan and helminth parasites. As in the Course, the experimental part is complemented by a number of review-like chapters solicited from the large number of speakers who lecture during the Course.

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Russell D. Mercier. Actor: Dead by Friday, Recount, Contract Killers, Lonely Hearts.

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Russell D. Mercier was born on January 7, 1976 in Tampa, Florida, USA. He is an actor, known for Dead by Friday (2012), Contract Killers (2008) and ...

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Russell D. Mercier is an American actor. Russell D. Mercier was born , in Tampa, Florida, United States. His zodiac sign is Capricorn, and in Chinese astrology, his ...

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russell d mercier on the screen russell d mercier appeared in the ...
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russell d mercier on the screen russell d mercier appeared

russell d mercier on the screen russell d mercier appeared
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