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  • New HR service launched to support employees with caring responsibility

    10/26/15 ,via Onrec

    Ian Rummels, director of PES, said: “Caring about the health and wellbeing of your employees is a worthwhile and rewarding thing for an employer to do. As well as the important legal duties there are real commercial advantages to having a workforce

  • Terrace Park Neighborhood: Bringing back the community

    04/24/14 ,via Sioux Falls Argus Leader

    They've established regular meeting dates on the third Wednesday of every month, 7 p.m. at the Dow Rummel Village. The first official act of the group is applying for a project It encompasses the park and more than 400 homes. "The park really



  • What is Africa's Problem?

    U of Minnesota Press. 2016. ISBN: 0816632782,9780816632787. 261 pages.

    Recent seismic shifts in Congo and Rwanda have exposed the continued volatility of the state of affairs in central Africa. As African states have shaken off their postcolonial despots, new leaders with sweeping ideas about a pan-African alliance have emerged -- and yet the internecine struggles go on. What is Africa's problem? As one of the leaders expressing a broad and forceful vision for Africa's future, Uganda's Yoweri K. Museveni is perhaps better placed than anyone in the world to address the very question his book poses. In 1986, after more than a decade of armed struggle, a rebellion led by Museveni toppled the dictatorship of Idi Amin, and Museveni, at 42, became president of Uganda, a country at that time in near total disarray. Since then, Uganda has made remarkable strides in political, civic, and economic arenas, and Museveni has assumed the role of "the eminence grise of the new leadership in central Africa" (Philip Gourevitch, The New Yorker). As such, he has proven a powerful force for change, not just in Uganda but across the turbulent span of African states. This collection of Museveni's writings and speeches lays out the possibilities for social change in Africa. Working with a broad historical understanding and an intimate knowledge of the problems at hand, Museveni describes how movements can be formed to foster democracy, how class consciousness can transcend tribal differences in the development of democratic institutions, and how the politics of identity operate in postcolonial Africa. Museveni's own contributions to the overthrow of Zaire's Mobutu Sese Seko and to the political transformation of Uganda suggest the kind of change that may sweep Africa indecades to come. What Is Africa's Problem? gives a firsthand look at what those changes might be, how they might come about, and what they might mean.

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  • Big Trouble In Little China

    12/30/15 ,via Big Trouble in Little China [Blu-ray]: Kurt Russell, Kim Cattrall, Dennis Dun, James Hong, Victor Wong, Kate Burton, Donald Li, Carter Wong, Peter Kwong, James Pax, Suzee Pai, Chao Li Chi, Jeff Imada, Rummel Mor, Craig Ng, June Kim, Noel Toy ...

  • From ER to Rushing River

    10/24/05 ,via

    A man is admitted after a train runs over his feet; A previous bad surgical outcome causes the family of a man experiencing stomach pains to balks at having surgery on a potential ... See full summary »


Rummel Mor - IMDb

Rummel Mor, Actor: Big Trouble in Little China. Rummel Mor was born as Rummel Mor Bautista. He is an actor, known for Big Trouble in Little China (1986), Mask (1985 ...

Rummel Mor - Monster M*A*S*H - Wikia

Rummel Mor (born Rummel Mor Bautista in 1960) appeared as Park Sung a Koren farm boy, in the Season 10 episode of M*A*S*H titled "The Foresight Saga".

Rummel Mor - Biography - IMDb

Rummel Mor was born as Rummel Mor Bautista. He is an actor, known for Big Trouble in Little China (1986), Mask (1985) and Shopping for Fangs (1997).

Rummel Mor Celebrity | - TV Guide, TV Listings ...

Learn more about Rummel Mor at with exclusive news, full bio and filmography as well as photos, videos, and more.

Rummel Mor Biography & TV / Movie Credits

Rummel Mor Biography & TV / Movie Credits

Rummel Mor appears as Korean farm hand Park Sung in Season 9 episode ...

Rummel Mor appears as Korean farm hand Park Sung in Season 9 episode ...

Rummel Mor

Rummel Mor

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