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The Production of Marriage


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The Production of Marriage by Ingramcontent
Product Description
Many aspects of human lifestyle have changed over the last century, but one that has recently brought controversy and attention is the redefining of marriage. Now, marriage is not only between a man and a woman, but is also considered matrimony between two members of the same sex. For Christians, this is not the intended purpose for marriage from God, and this change toward the viewpoint of marriage is one Christians should be ready to defend as part of their love for Christ. Author Richard Mayes seeks to aid Christians in waging credible defense in this biblical vs. liberal debate in his new book, The Evolution of Marriage. Utilizing a theological perspective in his discussion of marriage, Richard outlines his argument for marriage in its biblical origins through three reasons God established marriage: for God's plan for salvation, procreation and human companionship. Richard allows these reasons from God's Word, the Bible, to shape his argument that marriage is, and always will be, between a man and a woman, no matter what society dictates or determines. He uses scripture verses and words from recognized theological sources to show man and woman's roles in marriage and how they exemplify the Church's relationship with Jesus. The opposing arguments against biblical marriage and for same-sex marriages are also included in the book, allowing the counterarguments to be available to readers to show the differences in opinion. However, Richard makes it a point throughout his book to stand firm in his belief that when men and women honor God with their marriages (men as headship of household; women as helpmeets), it sets an example of how the Church should honor Christ in their words and actions. People may see marriage differently in today's generation, but it will forever be seen by Christians as an eternal covenant made in God's honor.

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Pc Richard Mayes (pictured) described an unmarried mother as 'Jeremy ...

Pc Richard Mayes (pictured) described an unmarried mother as 'Jeremy ...