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Shoot to Kill (1988, Roger Spottiswoode)

Shoot to Kill is an exceptionally bland action thriller. It shouldn’t be bland–there’s a decent concept to it. Kirstie Alley is a wilderness guide, cut off from the outside world, and one of her obnoxious fly-fishing white male character actors is secretly a killer. Who will it be. Richard Masur. Unfortunately, Shoot has almost nothing to with Robinson, Brown, Masur or even Alley. It’s all about Sidney Poitier and Tom Berenger out to save Alley and stop the unknown killer. Berenger’s a rugged mountain man, Poitier’s a street smart FBI agent. They both bumble because it perturbs the plot and creates opportunities for drama. Director Spottiswoode captures that drama in the blandest way possible, composing his Panavision frame for eventual VHS pan and scanning. Shoot to Kill is one of those eighties action movies so ineptly directed–with Spottiswoode wasting Michael Chapman’s photography–it probably plays better on an eleven-inch, standard definition television. Poitier and Berenger certainly seem respectable and, to some extent, they are. They just don’t have characters to play. Alley’s the most convincing just because she’s able to suggest her character’s relationship with Berenger, even though they don’t have any establishing scenes. And Poitier’s in trouble right from the start. He’s got this huge FBI stand-off at the beginning and it does nothing to establish his character as anything but a sensitive, hard-working bumbler. At least when Berenger bumbles, he falls off a mountain or something. Not Poitier. He just screws something up and Spottiswoode doesn’t go for a reaction shot because Poitier can’t be self-aware or the script doesn’t work. Though the script–from Harv Zimmel, Michael Burton and Daniel Petrie Jr. –rarely works. For its better moments, Shoot to Kill gets away with it because (even though Spottiswoode wastes them) it has good locations, whether the mountains or Vancouver. The San Francisco stuff doesn’t work out. Bad music from John Scott doesn’t help anything. Even when an action set piece should be good, Spottiswoode screws it up. It’s not really his fault in some ways. Directed by Roger Spottiswoode. screenplay by Harv Zimmel, Michael Burton and Daniel Petrie Jr. , based on a story by Zimmel. director of photography, Michael Chapman. music by John Scott. production designer, Richard Sylbert. produced by Ron Silverman and Petrie. Source: The Stop Button

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  • Nightmares (Blu-ray)

    12/16/15 ,via DVD Talk

    The fourth and final story in the film is The Night Of The Rat and it revolves around a married couple comprised of Steven (Richard Masur) and Claire Houston (Veronica Cartwright). They live together in the family home where Claire is sure she can hear 

  • Richard Masur to appear at Big Eddy

    09/16/15 ,via The River Reporter

    NARROWSBURG, NY — Several appearances are scheduled of cast and directors of the films showing at the Fourth Annual Big Eddy Festival, which kicks off on September 18 at the Tusten Theatre. Actor Richard Masur will appear at the opening night 


RT @GraphicArtMaddy: @SilverAgeTV @Wolfiesmom @MackPhillips Enjoyed it with Richard Masur on it best. Hated to see him leave the show, but … 12/17/15, @BORIBABY
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist The Burning Bed (1984) Farrah Fawcett, Paul Le Mat, Richard Masur. TV 12/17/15, @CheckMan_Nyke
Perhaps #Transparent season 2's greatest gift is The Thing's Richard Masur as a lovable Jewish bear daddy. 12/17/15, @allflicker


  • X Films

    I.B.Tauris. 2008. ISBN: 9780857730398,0857730398. 336 pages.

    British Cinema's oldest enfant terrible'. So remarked Philip French of Alex Cox, a description its recipient fully approves of. Alex Cox is the genuine article - a radical, international, independent filmmaker, who is also a good writer, insightful commentator on contemporary cinema and an expert critic of the power of Hollywood who grew up with a passion for the pictures. This book has as its centre the filmmaking autobiography of a fine director, the journey through all his major films and how they were made, including his new film, now in production. Cox takes us to varied locations, including the US, Mexico, and Nicaragua, where he made 'Walker' with the cooperation of the Sandinista government. His book is full of fresh ideas and rare insights into many films of different genres and the people he has worked with, including such greats as Dennis Potter and Harry Dean Stanton. As well as being the confessions of a radical filmmaker, 'X Films' is also the most readable working manual yet for the independent filmmaker. Enfant terrible he may be, but Alex Cox is also ahead of the game and is a pioneer and promoter of new forms of filmmaking for the cultural revolutionaries of the 21st century - visual, visceral but interactive, with multiple narrative possibilities.

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  • Israeli spy Pollard's story destined for theaters

    12/14/15 ,via

    First, the acquisition of the plans for the Iraqi Osirak nuclear site, which was later bombed by the Israel Air Force. The second segment portrayed the Pollard scandal. The spy was then played by American actor Richard Masur.

  • Israeli film is being made about Jonathan Pollard

    12/12/15 ,via YNET News

    A film dealing with the Pollard case was already made in 1994 in France, directed by Eric Rochant. American actor Richard Masur played the Jewish spy based on Pollard, who was called Jeremy Pelman.

  • Live Video (7 p.m.): The 13th Amendment at 150

    12/07/15 ,via Constitution Daily

    author and journalist Richard Brookhiser; and Kate Masur, professor of history, Northwestern University. This event is presented by the National Archives in partnership with the Constitutional Accountability Center and the National Constitution Center.


Richard Masur - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Richard Masur (born November 20, 1948) is an American actor who has appeared in more than 80 movies. From 1995 to 1999, he served two terms as president of the Screen ...

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Richard Masur, Actor: The Thing. Masur has also been active in the theatre with increasing frequency. His Broadway debut was in The Changing Room by David Storey (1973).

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Richard D. Masur (* 20. November 1948 in New York City, New York) ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler. Leben. Masur wurde in New York City geboren, seine Mutter ...

Richard Masur - NNDB: Tracking the entire world

Richard Masur. Born: 20-Nov-1948 Birthplace: New York City. Gender: Male Race or Ethnicity: White Occupation: Actor Party Affiliation: Democratic. Nationality: United ...

Richard Masur Richard Masur attends The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts ...

Richard Masur Richard Masur attends The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts ...

Richard Masur Actor Richard Masur attends the HBO with The Cinema ...

Richard Masur Actor Richard Masur attends the HBO with The Cinema ...

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